Morning time plans

Saturday, August 30, 2008

How cute is this?
Our morning ritual is to open Heidi's bedroom blinds with great fanfare in the morning to see what kind of day it is.
While we were looking out I saw a man walking a dog.
"Look Heidi, a dog"
"Wuuuufwuuuufwuuuuf" came my reply with no prompting whatsoever. I didn't even know that she knew the noise a dog made.
She now does it on demand, and will even tell you that a cat says aaaaaooooo.. the mi seems to be lost in translation! Still we're quite excited by her.
And I would almost claim that she tried to say happy birthday after hearing me sing it......or I might just be going Mummy mad!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The blissful time of the baby napping!
Somehow a day seems more beautiful when there is a few minutes of quiet.

We have been helping friends over the last few days clear out her Grandpa's house, ready for the mass move that takes place at the end of September.....we're moving to their house, they are moving out to Grandpa's house, and Grandpa is moving to his new wife's house.....all change please all change.

ON Sat we had the great if not slightly sickly experience of a hot oil fondue......very yummy but not good for the figure and not to be consumed for as many hours as I did. We basically impailed items onto sticks, dipped in beer batter and and dipped in the oil. ...... mmmn. I think we would have all coped a little better with our over indulgence had we not then stayed up till 2 am to play a game! The Hindles ended up sleeping in the basement, as there was now way I was waking up the baby to drive her across town to put her back to bed.

Tom and I are out for a dinner date tonight. Yery excited. I'm pretty sure Heidi will be excited about having dinner with her friends too.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

We have been busy over the past few weeks with visitors from the UK. There doesn't seem to be enough hours in the day to get everything done and so the blog has been neglected.

Highlights from the past few weeks
  • Heidi is walking so steady, turning is easy and she's speeding up!!
  • Teaching a small girl to drink out a water to follow
  • camping trip in the Rocky's
  • learning to can peaches
  • discovering Mackays ice cream in Canmore. Flavours tried so far.....butter pecan and cherry custard. Very good. Trip out promised to all visitors.
  • Dipping feet in Lake Louise. Couldn't cope with longer than a few minutes but Heidi decided to stand and play for about 30!

Low points

  • Heidi being sick in her ball pool.
  • Dropping off at the airport for another Heathrow bound flight that wasn't for me
  • My kitchen floor.....what a mess