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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Three years ago today......

 Our world changed, 



Then we blinked and you were one.

And then we chased, wiped, trained, chased some more, played, read, and chased after even more and the you turned two.
We started your year off eating, and have pretty much continued to try and keep your belly's full since then.....a hard task I assure you!
This year you turn three, and for your birthday tomorrow I'm describing the celebrations as all things "boy".  They'll be dinosaurs, fire engines and cowboys, all things that you are growing to enjoy, although perhaps the favourite at the moment is being a cowboy. 
Phinn you are my little early morning snuggle boy, and always do a little skip jump as you round the corner into the kitchen and blink in the light.  You love to play 'orsey' and 'dog' and 'cowboy' most often with your trusty side kick beside you.  You enjoy looking at books and I enjoy watching you looking at them and seeing you study the pictures.  Your eyes go big and you have a super sad face when something doesn't go your way.... but somehow it's endearing. I love the way you turn the face toward you of whoever you want to talk to, sweet soft hands on my cheeks.  Oh and you still love your thumb!
Hosea, you are my early morning grump, but oh the cuddles you give when you wish you were asleep are precious.  You too love to play horsey and cowboy and doggy, with your trusty side kick along for fun too.  Your new love is horse jumping and you are forever digging up stools and cushions and such to make a course.  Phinn loves to join you too, whooping and hollering the pair of you at the top of your lungs! Your bottom lip is a frequent visitor to your sweet face these days, and there's always an opposite coming from you too.  But, your great joy is to clown around and to make us all laugh and you do it so well.
Boys this year has been great for you.  Busy, best friends, who look out for one another and don't like to be apart.  When planning our gathering tomorrow there really was no one left to invite on the friends front as you really are each others bestie!
So my sweet small men, there is so much more to say, but the night is late and tomorrow will be a busy packed loud day (as always!).  You are very loved and a huge blessing to your Daddy and Mummy.
Love you Phinn.
Love you Zay.
So very much.