Morning time plans

Monday, October 14, 2013

That time again!

Paperwork is off, sitting on someone's desk for the next few months.  If only they knew there were traffic light mug shots inside. 

Friday, October 11, 2013

Teach a girl to knit......

and she'll find two sticks and some string and spend a merry time working the stiches.

I love this crazy happy life of mine, with these crazy happy children of mine.  Things are certainly never dull. 

 He's a monkey!
 He's a cutie pie and getting so big.
 We're working through a cleaning for 20 mins a day monthly schedule in some attempt to keep order.  Best start them young, and the amount of time this little man spends pressing his face against the window means he'd better learn quick!
 This is such a Phinn expression, too cute.  I have about 10 of the same shot on the camera, looking for the perfect one, they never sit still!
 We've changed the living room round a bit and lost of couch, all in all success!

Magnetic board in the kitchen makes a huge difference, and it looks really cool too.
 Funny boys.  Must finish the renovation then things may not be so accessable!  How cute are they though?
 See? Crazy, teddy on a chopping board!
 My sweet girls ready for church last week, with Phinn trying to get in on the action!
 LOVE LOVE LOVE these peeps.