Morning time plans

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I realised that as I log onto other friends blogs to check in on them, I am dreadfully slow at updating my own.

We have had a fun day, including a lie in, and moving some friends from their flat in the middle of the downtown core (always hairy driving to get there!) to a town house not far from there. Heidi was at our house with friends looking after them, so it was just Tom and I and the Jones moving. Good fun, but very hard work for the men especially. The best bit of the day though was coming home to one of Nicole amazing BBQ's at our house, so we were sorted for supper! Perfect.

The veggie garden is growing, although I am not too sure why the carrots refuse to come up in the straight little furrow that I dug for them and carefully placed the seeds in, but are flourishing where Heidi dropped the seed packet!! So in truth I have a big patch of carrots at the beginning of the radish row. Must get some pics. I realised that this all sounds impressive, it is very small scale, but I am looking forward to picking peas :)

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day

Apologies to our Dad's who are the victims of forgetful children living on the other side of the world.

Love you Dad

Monday, June 15, 2009

We made it through, and are back down to one child for the night.

But tomorrow we join our friends on a camping trip, with 19 children and 5 adults! I think I'll need to sleep for a week when I get back. Home again Friday :)

Saturday, June 13, 2009

and then there were 5!

We are looking after friends 4 children for a long weekend. Life is very full, but fun.
Not too sure what else to say, I guess I am too tired!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Blowing out candles

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Heidi turns 2!!!

We have had a fun day, (most of it anyway) by a two years standards.

Presents this morning, not too early, followed by breakfast which included strawberries ( a treat!)
Then off to the garage to get the car fixed. This was the not so much fun part of the day, but there were cartoons in the dealership so no matter, Heidi thought it was all a big treat.
Then picked up Daddy from work to play play play.
Lots of phone calls to UK while playing with new toys and opening more pressies.
Lunch, real favourite of boiled eggs and veg..... I should be glad it's so simple!
Nap, much needed by the time it came
Friends came over to sing Happy Birthday and were able to stay for birthday tea and cake
Went to the park with friends and Daddy for a whole hour while the house was made presentable and the cake was made.
Birthday tea, wait for it, Macaroni Cheese, yet more veg, and cheesy bread sticks, followed by cupcake birthday cakes.
Bubble bath....much needed and enjoyed
New story books read
Bed (my favourite bit!)

So, all in all not the most amazing sounding day, but boy did she enjoy it.

The only difference between today and many other good days is the switch that seems to have been flicked in her head last night. NO NO NO, and Heidi do it are all frequent words, but continually all day!!!! So, what I want to know is, who told her what turning 2 meant!