Morning time plans

Friday, October 31, 2008

Tom has now been away over half of the total, and it is beginning to drag. Heidi has now had 2 bad nights, and so we are a little sick of the sight of each other. She was content to play in her cot for an hour this morning when I had to get some stuff done....which shows just how sick of seeing me she was!
We had friends over for lunch, and so she has played happy and is now sleeping peacefully. I guess she will be full of beans later for the reformation night at church so we will go. Just got to make a dish and hey presto, I have plans for later :)
Heidi and I made muffins this morning....I was too lazy to chop the frozen strawberries so we just pushed a whole one into the batter mix in each muffin. It was a big hit with the little people who were over, and a lot of fun as Heidi was able to helpfully help. (that will make sense if you have ever baked with small ones!). Guess what we are eating for the rest of the week :)

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Tom rang last night, they had driven 2075km and were on schedule to drive the final 9 hours today. They have been back on the road nearly 3 of those hours so not long at all to go.

And in celebration of laziness, Heidi had a lie in till 8! For all the parents of small children, lucky me on a Sunday morning! She's currently bringing me all the cushions from the sofa one by one...... got to go and have breakfast.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Such a long time since I sat down to write, and this entry is not going to be long.

Mum has just gone home this morning after a wonderful week living life together rather than doing any sightseeing. She will not be able to tell you the sights and sounds of Calgary, but that IKEA is the same the world over and sewing cushions and planning upholstery projects is also the same! To have help to get me started was so wonderful, and although a week is so short, it was so appreciated to have her here.

Tom has gone off to conference on his epic journey across the continent. They left at noon yesterday and should be in a motel tonight, before starting on the short leg of the journey tm. (the long leg was 30 hours the short 9!) So far we have not heard from him, but I am sure that will change when he gets there and has internet access.

I also have taken the photos for the top floor of the house, they will be here shortly.....the ground floor will follow later when I have finished the sofa!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Tom and I are slightly yellow in places, after helping friends paint the inside of their barn. The cheapest colour was yellow, so I hope that the cows appreciated it when they come home from pasture next weekend! I had some fun up on the scaffolding, Tom spent most of the day up there, I switched between that and rollering the walls and filling in the hard bits with the brush. Good fun and certainly helped us to sleep well last night.

We also babysat last night and I was asked the ultimate question by a 5 year old. "Mrs Hindle, when I'm an adult will you be dead?" What is there to say to that, while trying to keep a straight face! I must remember to do my hair and makeup to prevent the old hag look taking root!

It's thanksgiving this weekend, and we are going to real Canadians for supper tomorrow afternoon. Looking forward to it, pumpkin pie is really tasty!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

We were treated to the most exciting wind storm this lunch time. It was lovely and sunny, then just clouded over, and the wind got up like I've never seen before. Heidi was transfixed watching the leaves zip down the road, but then just fell asleep....babies do get all the fun. It's back to sunshine now so that's good.

In case you were wondering the dangers of visiting an IKEA store with money to burn is the same the word over! Nothing off the list bought, but oh did I get some nice stuff!

The house is slowly getting sorted, it's now a case of beautification in some rooms, and sorting in others. I need to get some pretty basket things to throw junk into to maintain the perfect house look, but when I went to get them last night, they were sold worries, I will persevere and find some others! Tom has suggested the dollar store, but I want something more than plastic!

And, I learnt a valuable lesson this morning, building IKEA furniture with a one year old is not a good idea, even if it is only a small stool.....they get in the way and cry when they aren't allowed to help with the screws, and scream when they aren't allowed to use the hammer!!!! and I know that you really aren't supposed to need a hammer with IKEA furniture, but there we go, I got it for 99c!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Birds and letter box fun

We had a small incident yesterday involving a greedy bird who thought she would go for just one more crumb, and got her head stuck in the window of the bird box! I looked out the window to see two birds at the bird house, one I though eating the other just sitting there. Till I noticed that the one eating, never stopped eating, rather her tail just kept twitching. To cut a long story short I finally managed to get her free with a pair of tongs from the neighbours! Gloves on and a heave ho would have done the job, but my slight Bird phobia kicked in and the only gloves I had in the house were over gloves and too clumsy! I thought I was going to have to break her neck to get her out, but thankfully no! I am slightly scared of birds and was crouched over the bird house, when a small girl crept up behind me and grabbed me with an arrgh! I jumped out of my skin! And for all who are now laughing it wasn't funny!

We went on a family trip to the mail box tonight (about 50 yards down the street). Mystery now solved as to how you get a parcel in a weeny box. The mail postmen here....puts a key into your box, and you open the one large compartment and then post the key through a little slot! Fun.

Settling in is taking longer than I thought it would, but we have only been her 5 days. The clock is ticking though for completion Mum is flying in on a surprise visit in just over 2 weeks. Huuuuurrrrrrrrah!