Morning time plans

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The Christmas stockings are finally made, the final shopping for contents has been completed and I'm off to sleep.... We had to promote Heidi to a dray string bag as her pressies are the size that small peoples pressies come in, too big for the Hindle stockings. Oh well, it can be for storage for the rest of the year!

Monday, December 22, 2008


That is my overwhelming thought now that I have some! And they come in pink so all is well :)

We have been so busy, going up to Banff for the day, playing at Heritage park world of Christmas, sledging and spending time at Zoo lights tonight. All of this is more impressive considering that it has not got above -18 for the last 10 days (and with the wind chill completely freezing)!

Heidi stole the show at the family Christmas service last night. All the children we dressed up as Shepard's to sing away in the manger. My little one was all in white (the only costume that fitted) and proceeded to sit on the stage and pick her nose. And the inevitable stuffing her whole hand in her mouth after. She must take over her Daddy! (photos soon)

Sunday, December 14, 2008

oh, and I forgot to mention, that there is ice on the bottom of the windows....on the inside. I think the worst part is that I have been told casually "oh that's normal!"

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Cold is a whole new word!

The winter has come......
Snow, wind, drifts and longjohns!!!
We experienced a winter storm yesterday, it started around noon and then just carried on. Walking out left footprints that were blown out within a few minutes. But the coolest thing was that it wasn't that cold last night, so after getting the kids into bed, Matt, Tom, Mike and I went for a walk in the winter wonderland. The snow that fell yesterday had enough ice to leave sparkles everywhere and so it was beautiful by the streetlamp light! We went as far as the lake, and then it beckoned to be played on, so Tom, Mike and I obliged. Brushing the snow off reveled thick least where we were standing. We walked along a little and then hopped off again.

The other fun thing is that we have friends here with us, who stayed last night and will be staying tonight too. That means Heidi has friends to play with and we have friends to play with, and enjoy the we can't go out feeling. Actually Matt and Hannah have felt the call of Starbucks! and have gone out, Matt refusing to wear long johns with the excuse of "I'm English!" They have gone, and are yet to return!

I learnt how cold it was by heading out to the compost!!! It was bad, no ears in a few seconds and felt like I had forgotten to put any trousers on by the time I turned round to come back in. And, the cold hit my chest something awful and meant I could hardly take a full breath! Fun fun fun springs to mind. We were hoping to hold out till Christmas until we got long johns as they were going to pad out the stockings.... early is good too though.

So we are all safe and haivng fun holed up with friends, the big pot of soup on the stove gives me confidence we'll hold out...just off to check it.

Monday, December 8, 2008

The look on Heidi's face when we put the lights out and put the Christmas tree lights on will stay with me forever. Wish I had the camera ready, but good too just to enjoy the moment. She looked thrilled and then sat on the floor to sit and just look!

For those of you who are feeling the cold in the UK at the moment, here's a link to the fourteen day forecast for Calgary! No sympathy from us!
and I just decorated the Christmas tree...only 5 days since I bought it.
No prizes for how many times I'll have to say don't touch!

Birthday boy and snow

Tom's birthday was not quite the huge party he teased he wanted, but we celebrated in a few small ways.
We played on a Wi for the first time on Thursday night. The pics are us playing boxing...try not to laugh too hard. For those who don't know what a Wii is, it is a computer game with which you can do all kinds of things such as play tennis, box, ski etc. all by holding onto a controller. (I'm sure that there is a much better way to explain it!). We also attempted to have a bonfire (but too cold and damp) and then just vegged with pizza and movie. We have decided to go on an outing type thing next weekend with Matt and Hannah (they arrive on Wednesday). Apart form that we have eaten the icecream cake that I made Tom (it was in a 10" tin and took 6 litres!).

The snow started on Sunday sometime between me getting in the shower and getting caught reading my book sitting on the bed a few! minutes later. We attempted to get to church but 2 skids later and a lot of ice plaining we came home and listened to a John Piper sermon instead. It stopped about 4 in the afternoon and we got out to clear our deck and path. (you have to do so within 24 hours of the snow ending). Heidi thought it all good fun and has learnt to throw snowballs now.
Tom has made it into work this morning, and Heidi and I took an outing to the post office by sleigh in her case. So if you get a sure to know I trudged through ankle high snow pulling a heavy baby behind me! It was really good to get out though and I certainly didn't feel cold despite it being -6. Heidi alaid my fears o her being cold by promptly falling asleep! We saw 4 separate car incidents during our 20 min walk each way. Ice dancing for cars is all I can describe it as. There really is nothing you can do with the roads covered in packed snow which freezes into ice. We are learning though, that life really has to go on!
I'll get some pics of the weather soon.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

There has been a call for a video clip of me skating....and Heidi skating. Not sure of that will happen, but will certainly try. I can't imagine why someone thinks it would be amusing to watch. grown women skate here all the time pushing a pushchair! We're off again to do it tomorrow, perhaps Heidi will do a little more on the ice walking again this time. Last week was a mixture of enjoyment and sheer terror!

The Christmas party season has started already and we are in the midst of a really busy week. I'm thrilled though as it means a lot less cooking and packed lunches for me! We ended up taking mandarins wrapped with ribbon to look like parcels to the work Christmas lunch today! Genius even if I do say so myself.

And, you need to come to north America if you want to experience real Christmas lights. They are everywhere and for the whole really tasteful, mainly lights and the occasional life size santa, but hey ho! Needless to say, Mr Hindle doesn't like the idea of lighting of the house, but perhaps next year!! A nagging wife......

Saturday, November 22, 2008

I have been resorting to my old blonde ways recently.

There was the incident of the Parker pen in the tumble dryer which ruined a whole dark wash and the pen and wasn't too good for the aesthetics of the dryer! I have managed to get the pen out of the fleece type really when all is tolled the only thing I couldn't wear in public again is now a set of painting trousers! I was remarking to my friend (while painting a bathroom in the newly donated painting trousers) how annoying it was that it was a grown up load that had been damaged, as Heidi gets through her clothes so much more quickly. She was amused to point out that had it been a load of Heidi's clothes there wouldn't have been a pen in the pocket!

I also skidded through a red light on ice last week, have lost my beep beep thing for the car, and my USB key! I know that the USB is in the house somewhere, but is makes no sense that between the kitchen and the basement (ie at the door to the basement, down the stairs and to the bottom that I could misplace something so important. Perhaps giving it to the 18 month old to carry was not the smartest move, but I don't see how she lost it! She was sat on my hip from time of being given the key to being put down at the bottom.

We are to have our first curry party tomorrow, so I am busy letting sauce rest for tomorrow for the chicken curry and marinading more chicken for the korma. I've found a quick and easy recipe for the Bombay pots so should be ok for the morning. Check me out I even made a list of the jobs to do before and after church. The friends coming over have declared that the best thing the British empire did is give curry to the here's hoping I am going to achieve something great!

And.....we started Christmas shopping today, but really the only people who should be getting excited are our relatives 3 and under. Well we have only started!

Thursday, November 13, 2008


We have been having a fine old time, gallivanting to the mountain, skating, 'doing breakfast' but the little one has now come down with her Daddy's nasty cold and has spent the day with a bad fever (which has now finally broken PTL).

Monday we went to Banff with friends, via Macdonalds for our free coffee (between 5 and 10 am any size is free :)) and spent the morning wandering through the shops and buying really good fudge. After a run around and a picnic lunch, we ventured to the cave and basin which is where Banff really started and how the national parks were founded. Several people were fighting about the rights to the hot spring they had discovered, however they were not able to make their fortune as the government turned the area into the first national park. After a few hours at the sulphur springs we were really glad we had forgotten to take the boiled eggs out of the fridge that morning!

Heidi and I went ice skating on Wed, at the free parent and tot session. More accuratly Heidi sat in the pushchair, as I pushed her round using it as a much needed zimmer frame. I did go solo though toward the end as Heidi was whisked away by a friends little girl.....leaving me stranded!

I am beginning to love the North American thing of having breakfast round at someones house. We had a new ladies at the church breakfast, and it was really good fun. We had good food, a light hearted cooking demo, and bible study. Heidi became sick during the time so climbed up on my lap and feel asleep. She has been doing the same most of the afternoon, but I was cleverly away when she decided to throw up. Well done Tom for clearing that one up!

It was the Wycliffe world day of prayer today, and I made it down for the afternoon session (leaving the poorly ones together). It was wonderful to spend time praying for the work, and a striking moment was people calling out the name of our Lord in different languages. It was a foretaste of Heaven and very exciting and moving too.

Well.....doubt I will get much sleep between the two sickies so will aim for an early night!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Winter has come!

The first snow fall of the winter arrived today, somewhat annoyingly a week later than Britain had snow!
So that meant that our little one had her first taste of walking and playing this morning. She would have been content standing one step outside the back door and bending down to touch it, but in the true parent style we insisted that she try out all the possibilities of the new game. So, she and Tom made a snow pile, built a snow man, shoveled snow and threw a little. Heidi has yet to learn the art detaching the snow from her mittens before attempting to throw! Unfortunately the camera batteries were dead so we will have to wait till the next snow fall to take some pics. More is forecast for the weekend, with a high of -1 on Sunday so will try then.

It is really good to have Tom at home, and he is off tomorrow and then back to work on Friday. Not too worried about missing him, he has 2 days off next week when the office is closed!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Tom's home :) he got home early to the wonderful welcome of an empty house :( We were out at Macdonalds for a friends 3rd birthday party, then it was all back here for cake so that fun.

We have him at home for 3 full days, so that sounds like a holiday to me! Fun Fun Fun.
Heidi took a good couple of hours to work out who he was, but once she had there was much Dad Dad Dad! and smiles and just holding on to one finger.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Tom has now been away over half of the total, and it is beginning to drag. Heidi has now had 2 bad nights, and so we are a little sick of the sight of each other. She was content to play in her cot for an hour this morning when I had to get some stuff done....which shows just how sick of seeing me she was!
We had friends over for lunch, and so she has played happy and is now sleeping peacefully. I guess she will be full of beans later for the reformation night at church so we will go. Just got to make a dish and hey presto, I have plans for later :)
Heidi and I made muffins this morning....I was too lazy to chop the frozen strawberries so we just pushed a whole one into the batter mix in each muffin. It was a big hit with the little people who were over, and a lot of fun as Heidi was able to helpfully help. (that will make sense if you have ever baked with small ones!). Guess what we are eating for the rest of the week :)

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Tom rang last night, they had driven 2075km and were on schedule to drive the final 9 hours today. They have been back on the road nearly 3 of those hours so not long at all to go.

And in celebration of laziness, Heidi had a lie in till 8! For all the parents of small children, lucky me on a Sunday morning! She's currently bringing me all the cushions from the sofa one by one...... got to go and have breakfast.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Such a long time since I sat down to write, and this entry is not going to be long.

Mum has just gone home this morning after a wonderful week living life together rather than doing any sightseeing. She will not be able to tell you the sights and sounds of Calgary, but that IKEA is the same the world over and sewing cushions and planning upholstery projects is also the same! To have help to get me started was so wonderful, and although a week is so short, it was so appreciated to have her here.

Tom has gone off to conference on his epic journey across the continent. They left at noon yesterday and should be in a motel tonight, before starting on the short leg of the journey tm. (the long leg was 30 hours the short 9!) So far we have not heard from him, but I am sure that will change when he gets there and has internet access.

I also have taken the photos for the top floor of the house, they will be here shortly.....the ground floor will follow later when I have finished the sofa!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Tom and I are slightly yellow in places, after helping friends paint the inside of their barn. The cheapest colour was yellow, so I hope that the cows appreciated it when they come home from pasture next weekend! I had some fun up on the scaffolding, Tom spent most of the day up there, I switched between that and rollering the walls and filling in the hard bits with the brush. Good fun and certainly helped us to sleep well last night.

We also babysat last night and I was asked the ultimate question by a 5 year old. "Mrs Hindle, when I'm an adult will you be dead?" What is there to say to that, while trying to keep a straight face! I must remember to do my hair and makeup to prevent the old hag look taking root!

It's thanksgiving this weekend, and we are going to real Canadians for supper tomorrow afternoon. Looking forward to it, pumpkin pie is really tasty!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

We were treated to the most exciting wind storm this lunch time. It was lovely and sunny, then just clouded over, and the wind got up like I've never seen before. Heidi was transfixed watching the leaves zip down the road, but then just fell asleep....babies do get all the fun. It's back to sunshine now so that's good.

In case you were wondering the dangers of visiting an IKEA store with money to burn is the same the word over! Nothing off the list bought, but oh did I get some nice stuff!

The house is slowly getting sorted, it's now a case of beautification in some rooms, and sorting in others. I need to get some pretty basket things to throw junk into to maintain the perfect house look, but when I went to get them last night, they were sold worries, I will persevere and find some others! Tom has suggested the dollar store, but I want something more than plastic!

And, I learnt a valuable lesson this morning, building IKEA furniture with a one year old is not a good idea, even if it is only a small stool.....they get in the way and cry when they aren't allowed to help with the screws, and scream when they aren't allowed to use the hammer!!!! and I know that you really aren't supposed to need a hammer with IKEA furniture, but there we go, I got it for 99c!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Birds and letter box fun

We had a small incident yesterday involving a greedy bird who thought she would go for just one more crumb, and got her head stuck in the window of the bird box! I looked out the window to see two birds at the bird house, one I though eating the other just sitting there. Till I noticed that the one eating, never stopped eating, rather her tail just kept twitching. To cut a long story short I finally managed to get her free with a pair of tongs from the neighbours! Gloves on and a heave ho would have done the job, but my slight Bird phobia kicked in and the only gloves I had in the house were over gloves and too clumsy! I thought I was going to have to break her neck to get her out, but thankfully no! I am slightly scared of birds and was crouched over the bird house, when a small girl crept up behind me and grabbed me with an arrgh! I jumped out of my skin! And for all who are now laughing it wasn't funny!

We went on a family trip to the mail box tonight (about 50 yards down the street). Mystery now solved as to how you get a parcel in a weeny box. The mail postmen here....puts a key into your box, and you open the one large compartment and then post the key through a little slot! Fun.

Settling in is taking longer than I thought it would, but we have only been her 5 days. The clock is ticking though for completion Mum is flying in on a surprise visit in just over 2 weeks. Huuuuurrrrrrrrah!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

We're in, tired and in chaos, but here all the same. The baby is in bed, our bed is made up and looking the last boxes can wait.
I haven't forgotten about the photos.....but who knows which box the camera is in, and my pride has got the better of me and I want to be a bit more tidy before I take the pics!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

A reminder......

We are moving on Saturday, which means that we may be off line for a few days in the setting up of the new place. There will be pictures of the new place as soon as we are online. I have even remembered to charge my camera.
We are almost finished packing, Tom is busy collapsing the table and I am about to collapse into bed ready to finish up tm evening, or sat morning. (we are helping friends move tm).
Heidi is much much better, and is beginning to love her antibiotics. She even managed a melt down when told she couldn't have any more the other day!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Mmmmn, you never know how good you have it, until it's gone. Baby sick days have gone forever, thrown out (no pun intended) by a very spectacular little girl amount of sick, and all over a freshly mopped floor. The silver lining was that it wasn't my floor :)
So the little one is poorly, and a trip to the doctor revealed what I suspected for a while, an ear infection, with the added discovery of bronchitis. The joys of free prescriptions for kids or even the flat fee is one I miss, but I hope she enjoys every drop of the antibiotics. If the performance at tea is anything to go by, she will be practicing her newly learned skill of spitting!!! The smell of bubble gum is overwhelming, but it has a gritty texture so I can't say I can blame her. And for those of you wondering what the connection between the ears, chest and throwing up is, apparently it's a combination of yoghurt and mucus...there we go, enough said!

Tom has spent the day in the mountains with work colleagues, and as I write has not made it home (it's 11pm). I guess they must of had fun.....or perhaps got lost. I have heard that they are on their way so am able to joke rather than worry. I bet he'll be stiff tomorrow, and not be that keen to take his turn at sick baby duty.....all the more cuddles for me then!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Changing times

The leaves are turning here, and the mountains have come back to us as snow covered peaks rather than the imposing grey ones of the summer months. It is kind of beautiful and yet I am beginning to dread the snow coming to the Prarie land. We were loaned a winter coat for Heidi today and boy does it look thick! little one is growing up. She helped me prepare supper tonight, standing on a chair at the work top pulling pieces of lettuce apart! Oh I miss my baby, but the little lady is very cute......almost extra cute!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

A lazy family trip to the park. Hope you enjoy the photo's.

Heidi and Tom had a Daddy Daughter day yesterday while I helped with the house clearance! When I rang to say I was on my way home and asked if she had had dinner yet the reply came "well she has eaten, but wouldn't exactly say that she has had dinner". To be interpreted chips at 4 and milkshake at 5! But boy was she happy and tired.

Our other news is that Heidi has new shoes (thanks Gran) which are Squeakers.....they do exactly what they say on the label and are beginning to drive me mad, but the squeak can be removed. (Handy for church!)

And.....getting ready for moving I have bought new bedding.

You can see life really is exciting for us!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Heidi and I (with friends) went to Spruce Meadows on Thursday, as show jumping ground to watch the Canadian Masters show jumping. Gorgeous grounds and a beautifully hot day (sun burn for the adults, kids were creamed). We watched the Jeopardy jumping part of the battle of the breeds, which was a show jumping for all breeds of horses, competing over 5 competitions. It's fun to watch Shetlands competing against Arabians and Mules and Welsh Cobs etc. In the end height did prevail and the Shetlands didn't win, but oh well.
My biggest extravagance was going into the British shop on site and getting emotional for a bunch of over priced goods that I wouldn't buy at home for the right price. I did leave there with a scotch pie and an Irn Bru and $6 poorer. Sometimes you have to do these things and boy did they taste good!
The rest of the week has been clearing at our friends Grandpa's, we are aiming to be done next week to give us all time to sort our own houses, but I wouldn't hold my breath!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Fun and games...well kind of

We've had a number of firsts this weekend....
a wood fire on Sunday afternoon because it really was that cold.
a trip to the emergency room with Heidi. Don't panic, all is well.
She has turned blue at breakfast 2 mornings now, so we thought that we ought to be responsible and call the equivalent of NHS direct.....who sent us to emergency as it was 2 times.
They don't know why, but they have figured out it is none of the serious reasons, for which we are grateful. In all probability she just got cold! We have taken measures to combat this such as ordering more sunshine, and reverting to having the heating on in the mornings.
Heidi just thinks that we are playing a fun dressing up game when she is laden with outfits! Bit like a kiddie version of the chocolate game!

Saturday, August 30, 2008

How cute is this?
Our morning ritual is to open Heidi's bedroom blinds with great fanfare in the morning to see what kind of day it is.
While we were looking out I saw a man walking a dog.
"Look Heidi, a dog"
"Wuuuufwuuuufwuuuuf" came my reply with no prompting whatsoever. I didn't even know that she knew the noise a dog made.
She now does it on demand, and will even tell you that a cat says aaaaaooooo.. the mi seems to be lost in translation! Still we're quite excited by her.
And I would almost claim that she tried to say happy birthday after hearing me sing it......or I might just be going Mummy mad!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The blissful time of the baby napping!
Somehow a day seems more beautiful when there is a few minutes of quiet.

We have been helping friends over the last few days clear out her Grandpa's house, ready for the mass move that takes place at the end of September.....we're moving to their house, they are moving out to Grandpa's house, and Grandpa is moving to his new wife's house.....all change please all change.

ON Sat we had the great if not slightly sickly experience of a hot oil fondue......very yummy but not good for the figure and not to be consumed for as many hours as I did. We basically impailed items onto sticks, dipped in beer batter and and dipped in the oil. ...... mmmn. I think we would have all coped a little better with our over indulgence had we not then stayed up till 2 am to play a game! The Hindles ended up sleeping in the basement, as there was now way I was waking up the baby to drive her across town to put her back to bed.

Tom and I are out for a dinner date tonight. Yery excited. I'm pretty sure Heidi will be excited about having dinner with her friends too.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

We have been busy over the past few weeks with visitors from the UK. There doesn't seem to be enough hours in the day to get everything done and so the blog has been neglected.

Highlights from the past few weeks
  • Heidi is walking so steady, turning is easy and she's speeding up!!
  • Teaching a small girl to drink out a water to follow
  • camping trip in the Rocky's
  • learning to can peaches
  • discovering Mackays ice cream in Canmore. Flavours tried so far.....butter pecan and cherry custard. Very good. Trip out promised to all visitors.
  • Dipping feet in Lake Louise. Couldn't cope with longer than a few minutes but Heidi decided to stand and play for about 30!

Low points

  • Heidi being sick in her ball pool.
  • Dropping off at the airport for another Heathrow bound flight that wasn't for me
  • My kitchen floor.....what a mess

Monday, July 28, 2008

We are trying to get a movie of the lady on the move. So that you can picture it, she is rather like a zombie coming toward you, arms outstretched, saying aaaaaaaah. It's her new favourite lots of practice. Our pride was boosted yesterday by people at church commenting on how good she is in a short space of time, and how being able to stand up in the middle of the room, walk and then stop is a big deal. (I guess rather than holding on, letting go and then walking and falling over)
We are house/dog sitting for 2 weeks so may be sporadic in being online....I hope Tom can sort out in our new place.

Friday, July 25, 2008

eight steps in a row.......
where will it end?

Thursday, July 24, 2008

summer fun

My bread is being kneaded by my handsome bread maker so there is time to write this evening.

It was another zoo day today, always good fun. We were with friends and over lunch were visited by a peacock family with their new chicks. Very cute but a little intimidating as the babies pecked their way under the table and the adults tried to follow. Bare feet feel very vulnerable!

Heidi has spent the evening standing by herself, taking a few steps (this time standing, then 2 steps, then standing again, then falling over) so I guess it's progress. However she has discovered the fun of pushing things along and so the roasting tins as well as her truck(on it's side I might add) have been up and down the lounge.

Off to babysit.......mines sleeping :)

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

First steps

The inevitable is happening, our baby is growing up.
She took 2 small steps across the room this evening and has gone to bed glowing with pride. I shall go to be mourning the little baby but being grateful that she is growing as she should.
We are all well.
I discovered the fun and slight terror of quad biking last Friday out at the farm. I think the fact that I was giving rides to other peoples children heightened my fear level, but oh did I have fun. I had free rein of one of the hay fields and wove in and out of the bales. I had no idea that hay bales really were as big as they are, and I realised that what I have always believed to be a bale of straw is in fact hay. I thought yellow = straw but no.
We are house sitting for Wycliffe friends for the next 2 weeks, looking after 2 of their 3 dogs and watering plants. Should be interesting. Heidi finds them fascinating, long may that continue!
Tom is aching to get on the computer and little interesting to say so..........
will keep you posted.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Long overdue update

Well.....I only made 3 breakfasts, which is 2 short of my target but it's only the first year and good to leave room for improvement!

Stampede day was fun, far too hot and full of interesting sites. Heidi ended up waving a little Canadian flag around most of the afternoon after being given it by a nice Army lady (she was way to scary to explain to that 'no thank you we were British'). There is something a little strange about your small child waving the wrong flag. Of course there were the usual cowboys, as well as a marching band which we just jumped out the way of on time and a superdogs show which was fun. (Heidi did spend most of the show standing on my lap looking at the audience but hey she enjoyed it!) We went on a barn tour with a real life retired cowboy, and some of the other kids went in a helicopter and fighter jet. And I saw a little horse cutting. What do you think that is? I thought something like sheep shearing, but are cutting the cattle with your horse ie getting one cow out of a whole bunch of them. And yes this is a popular, points awarded and prize money giving sport. (and they think the British are weird!) I was also introduced to the Vita-mix at a trade show, a super duper blender that can spin so fast you can make hot cooked soup from raw veggies in 4 minutes flat! and on the flip side can make icecream super quick too! The price tag is over 600 dollars :)

Apart from that we have been a little lazy. visiting friends, out to the farm on friday (more dirt consumed to no ill effect), Tom having a lie in till 12.15 on sat (he was solidly asleep all that time so I guess he needed it), and my new obsession of a 2000 piece jigsaw which I picked up for a dollar (50p).

Heidi's is now standing up with no hands (very cute but she is expecting a clap each time she sits down, why do we start these things?) and climbing on and off the sofa by herself.

On a slightly sad note, I know there are more important things, a storm last night wrecked a large proportion of my herb and vegetable garden. It's horrible to pick up tiny tomatoes and chillies off the floor and find shredded leaves and pansies all over the place. Will have to wait till the sun comes onto the balcony to fully assess what's going to recover with some sunshine and what needs to be pruned off :(

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Yee Haw!

It's stampede here in Calgary and it really has sent the city nuts.
There are cowboy hats everywhere, even the police have uniform issued cowboy hats. I tried one on yest, and am sure I will give in by the end of stampede. There's a really lovely atmosphere of fun around the city.
The stampede starts with a parade through the downtown area and being the nuts person that I am persuaded a Friend with 4 kids that we should go. The parade starts at 8.55 sharp! but the pre parade parade to get us all warmed up with our yee haw's starts at 7.30! So we had a sleep over here, and then were on the train to downtown with 5 kids in tow by 7. And we got perfect kerb side seats. It's first come first to get a good spot and I'm pretty sure we got the last kerb bit (across a car park entrance but when the roads are closed it's not a problem). The parade was great, full of marching bands, cowboys, cowgirls, Indians, police motorbike displays and the like. There are over 200 horses in it which is a pretty amazing sight. The inevitable does happen but they have sweepers (big trucks not men with brooms) every 10 floats or so and they clear very effectively. Even the sweepers are dressed up like horses and cows! And yes that really is a man riding a bull down the high street!
The other great stampede tradition is the pancake breakfasts round the city which are free. We went to one yest (I have been challenged to see how many I can get in my first stampede). very yummy 2 pancakes a sausage patty and lots of syrup and butter and oj. Lots of freebies too so I have 2 more mugs for my collection!
Heidi and I are planning to go down to stampede ground on Wed as it's kids day and I can get in for free with her between 6 and 9 am! and of course there will be a free breakfast!
Tom and I have gone nuts too and spent some time watching the rodeo on TV last night. Bull riding, stear wrestling and barrel racing (that's the girl sport). Don;t really understand the rules but there must be some. Big business too some of the cowboys took home 700000 dollars last year!
We might buy Heidi a horse!!!!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

We've been a beach. Amazing when the ocean is thousands of miles away!

Gull lake is about 90 mins drive north. Beautiful and a really relaxing place. Lots of lovely birds, and sand and shallow water and mud (which is not ideal but Heidi finds it equally as attractive as all the other good things).

We were chilled home early but it meant that we could all have showers and baths and go out for a lovely meal at a restaurant that had brown paper on the tables and crayons for all and gingham napkins....and yummy food.

Heidi had her first MacDonald's milkshake today. I would say it was a huge hit! Other firsts of the camping trip were sand, waves, sand castles, proper swimming costume, staying in the travel cot all night (only the first one though...) cotton candy icecream (which is candy floss to you and me), and eating sand which I guess is like eating dirt another of her favourite foods. The sand theme is to prove that we really were at the beach!

So, tomorrow we are off to buy a lasso for Tom's Dad, and then I think that the weekend will bring some time for relaxing the temperatures are set to rise so just as well.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

We're all much recovered and have had a fun day.
I went downtown with friends and we ended up having a day out for $7.75 that's around £4 using a variety of coupons, borrowed passes and complaining about food, and there were 7 of us. We did the Devonian Gardens which are indoor gardens with a big turtle pool, had lunch and went up the tower. Then we ended up back here and had an impromptu dinner party with 5 kids and 5 adults. If you've seen the size of our house you'll know that's quite funny. Heidi has gone to bed tired out

Tom has gone back to sleep talking! He has recently woken me to warn me I was falling off the top of the bed and on another occasion woken me because his pillow was broken !!!!! Happy days.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Poorly family. Tom is home from work feeling awful at the beginning of a nasty cold and Heidi is coming to the end of a nasty cold which has left her coughing half the night and feeling very sorry for herself. Best go get some sleep while I have the chance and feel smug that I am even further at the end of the nasty cold.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Dead ducks

I had a new experience today. Cracking open an egg to find out if the duck inside was indeed dead or alive! Sadly it was the former. And it is really gross thing to do and not recommended. Some friends got the eggs to hatch and then to take the ducks to the farm, but unfortunately it appears they were given dead eggs. We thought it was best to check (they should have already hatched) as there was no noise and the shell was turning black!

I'm glad for gloves and feel a little strange looking at the eggs in my fridge :)

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Camping, extreme nappy changing and other fun

Camping was wet.
But now we know where our tent leaks! What do you expect when you pay £35 pounds for a 2 room 6 man tent. We are assured though that the rain will stop and then the sun will come out and stay out until the snow comes. Joy!
The pictures are of our walk at lake Louise. They really don't do it justice. The lake really is turquoise (it used to be called turquoise lake until they named it after Princess Louise- mount Victoria is in the background). It looks a bit cold at the top and bad weathery, but really we were fine. We did a trail called the plain of the 6 glaciers, and at the top you can see them all. The trail is easy.....well in the summer. Hadn't realised that it is still cold in the mountains and we had to scramble over 6 or so avalanches to get to the top. Tom had Heidi in a sling and so I kind of just followed them. An older couple not even being put off by the snow behind me put my thoughts in perspective and I made it up. All time feeling rotten that I had left my sheepskin lined walking boots at home as I thought that they would make my feet too hot!!!!! And the poor girl had to suffer the fact that I hadn't put a change of clothes in for when her nappy leaked half way up we had to change her, and just put her in her snow suit!
My favorite memory has to be of Heidi sat eating her dinner in her little folding high chair, in the pouring rain outside that evening, without a care in the world, I don;t think that she even noticed that there was a full centimeter of water on the tray by the time we'd finished. The boys build a huge fire (pay one price get as much wood as you like !!! boys are boys) which no one stayed up to watch as it was raining! They assured me it was to keep bears away!
Over all we loved it and will be making as many trips as we can this summer, bears or no bears.

Matt has now gone home, we had a really fun time with him.

Heidi and I went to the zoo today. We had a call from a friend who said lets go in the rain (still) so off we went and got drowned for the morning but it brightened up this afternoon. Discovered that there are tigers which we hadn't known before and saw lots of cute footage of the new baby gorilla. Zoo passes are great. It feels like a free day out...and Heidi is really beginning to take note of all that she can.

Baking day tomorrow, and then going to a friends on Thursday to watch musicals (raining still what else do you do?) and then it's the play on Friday. Will be fun. Oh and Sat we are finally getting round to having birthday bbq! And you ask why I'm not looking for a job yet!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Birthday girl

Well, our precious girl has turned one. Where has the year gone? We the adults had fun watching her open her presents, and I think that she got into the whole thing for a while anyway until she got overwhelmed. Thank you to all....she is a very loved little girl. There are some photos and video, we wanted you to feel like you were here too. We ended up with a quiet day, Heidi had a long nap in the middle of the day, so some of the grownups did too. As you can see from the photos Tom has been trying to get some more zzzzz's all day.
But the day is done and she is off to bed, blissfully unaware that the tent has been tried out in the lounge, beds tried inside and her travel cot put up too as a trial. I have persuaded the guys that it is not a good idea to try out the great outdoors here we come (well for at least one night) :)

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Tom has been off for the last two days so we have taken the opportunity to explore Calgary zoo and Banff. There are about a zillion photos, I suggest that you get a large cup of tea if you are planning to stay the course. We also had a really great BBQ at a friends house lots of amazing steak with great marinade, salads, jacket potatoes and the wonderful Canadian invention of jello salad. Jello salad???? It's basically jelly, with other things in from fruit, vegetables, marshmallows, yogurt and you eat it with the main. So the funniest thing that I have seen in a long time is a bunch of adults eating jelly with a fork, in between mouthfuls of steak and macaroni salad :)
Banff was lovely was really amazing to see the river defrosted and fast flowing, and the waterfall falling with water. Some of the photo's are taken from the same place as our last lot, so the difference is striking. We did half the trail of Sulphur mountain, I guess we'll go back and finish it one day.
The other exciting thing we've done is buy a tent, so the great outdoor way of life will be ours next week. We've just seen the weather forecast is rain, so Tom will change his days off tm and we'll head our middle instead of end of week. Should be fun...bit nervous but how hard can it be? We've borrowed travel cot for Heidi to keep her contained and warmer at night.
Tomorrow is due to be pottering round, Tom back to work and Matthew Heidi and I are going to explore Calgary fort (and perhaps get my new plants into tubs) and then tm night is our church anniversary dinner. Fun day :)

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Calgary Tower slideshow

The movie is fun if you get that far. It looks so much better in real life than pics, but you'll get the idea. :)

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Poor Heidi has conjunctivitis, or pink eye as the Canadians call it. Started 11 am yesterday and just got worse and worse. So I packed her off to the doctors and the eye drops seem to be helping already. I am amazed at how quickly it can come on. Poor thing looks like she's half asleep at all times, but she is happy enough in herself. The night was not the best, she kept getting lost in her cot as she couldn't open her eyes enough to see where she was and that she needed to turn around. Relocating in the cot and then a quick rendition of a song and she was back to sleep each time.
On the way home from the doctors we were hit from behind in the car. It was a load bang and a bit of a jolt. Praise God there was no one hurt, and there was no damage to the cars (except a tiny amount of his number plate paint chipped onto my bumper but it has since washed off). Heidi got a fright but was no more distressed then when I put eye drops in her eyes later!
The silver lining on my clouds yesterday was a trip to a friends to pick up some more pots and a tamaato (that's how you say it so that must be how you spell it right?) and a cucumber and some 'eerbs' that are further on than mine. Will plant later.
Oo and got 3 more chairs to match the ones we found cheap already so I now have 4 matching (well almost) dining room chairs.
And my joy was complete this morning when for the first time ever my banana loaf rose in the oven and hasn't flopped since coming out!
Off to Calgary tower this afternoon so look out for pics of the city and mountains soon....if I remember to charge my batteries!

Saturday, May 24, 2008


Matthew, Tom's brother arrived today. It was very strange and a bit exciting to be back at the airport. Great to have visitors....highly recommended.

Friday, May 23, 2008

British weather

Rain!!!! The most familiar sight, but it seems to interrupt life here more than the snow because it is so unexpected.
We went to the Zoo yesterday with friends from the pouring rain. What a good Brit I am! It really is a great zoo, divided into countries so for instance the Africa building has the giraffes, hippos, flamingos, turtles etc in the same place. And the hippo pool has fish swimming in it, and they have fish swimming there for them to eat.....very cool indeed.
Heidi loved the being Canadian experience of a birthday cup cake with chocolate frosting! Messy, but tasty.
I had the horrendous experience of getting coffee for people. It really should have to be as hard as it is! 5 types of coffee plus decaf, and that before you start messing with ways to have it with cream. (or half and half which you get in cartons in the shops which is half milk half cream). In the end a friend came to help. The strange thing is that people really do know what kind of coffee they want ie bold, or medium, Mexican or Colombian (I'm told the Colombian is more nutty!) Any way I conclude stick to's strong enough, lots of cream a necessity, and I've even started on sugar for my filter coffee (if there's no flavouring like the lovely English toffee I had the other day). Sorry Dad! So come on out everyone, and I'll practice my coffee buying skills with you too, but at least in the land of the blind the one eyed man is king!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Wagon riding, splinters and dirt

We had a gorgeous day on Tuesday with new friends from church, when we went out to a farm (owned by some other people from church). It was a gorgeous day, wonderfully relaxing and lots of fun. Heidi enjoyed lots of treats from riding in a wagon to seeing lots and lots of cows and calves (I had never fully appreciated how small a Dexter cow was until sitting in an open sided wagon beside a proper sized cow!), eating two handfuls of dirt, pushing a toy car up a slope on her own two feet, falling splat into her side from her own two feet, getting a splinter in her toe, and being able to watch and play with the other 19 children that were there. I enjoyed lots of treats too like the wagon ride (Anne of Green gables moment except quad bike powered rather than horse drawn), not being the Mummy responsible for Heidi at the time of her dirt consumption, Heidi's afternoon nap (which gave me time to spend relaxing with grownups on the deck), being outdoors, meeting new friends, and realising that flavoured coffee really is the way forward.
Having a chilled out girl is helping to form a more chilled out Mum (although I am sure that the actual cause is God changing me and me learning to trust in him more than in my own strength). Coming to Canada has been a good thing. We have seen so many answers to prayers.
Yesterday we helped dig a flowerbed in a front yard. Calgarian soil is hard work but the recent snow meant that it wasn't as dry as I was dreading. A good soak will help the aches. Heidi and I will go swimming tomorrow. There's a hot tub at the pool!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Well, the lovely weather has ended with the start of an impressive hail storm. Real hot chocolate and good book weather (during Heidi's naps of course). We've got a severe weather warning for 10-25cm of snow.....but all is due to be well again by sat with lots of sunshine! Will I ever get used to this?
Ooh the cute thing of the day is that Heidi has learnt to blow. You blow in her face and she makes the cutest little phheew sound back, with or without spit.
And I learnt that making a baby laugh with their mouth full is a bad idea. Particularly if they are sat near you.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

I don't bounce

A hard lesson (no pun intended)! always I was in a rush. After loading my small girl in the car, the pushchair rolled away as I was locking the door. Unfortunately I failed to remember that there is a strip of concrete on the ground, and so at full run I tripped. You can imagine the rest. I don't think that I have ever fallen so quickly to the ground. Well, I landed on my shoulder, followed by head, then the thigh of one leg and the knee of the second. I picked myself up, tried to dust off, managed not to cry, and loaded the pushchair into the car. I was halfway to the office before things started to sting and by the time I got there I was ready to cry. I realised that I was going to be introduced to the whole of Wycliffe at the Tuesday celebration, so I called into the boutique and the lovely ladies gave me a flannel and towel to wash the dust off, and some clean trousers.
So I am feeling very sorry for myself and had to moan to the world. To make matters worse, I sliced my finger along with the onions trying to make tea, and then Heidi pulled at the huge graze on my shoulder. Ah well, I'll mend. I am so grateful that Heidi was in the car and not in my arms, and that there were lovely ladies to look after me, and that we have a car which meant that I didn't have the long walk after the fall.
Heidi and I spent some time in the thrift shops this afternoon (short walk good for stiff muscles) and bought 5 pots for our herbs for a total of £1.35, not bad hey? We also bought the seeds and so tomorrow or the next will plant them ready to germinate on top of the fridge. Our herb garden will hopefully be up and running soon. Hopefully we'll be able to have good supply this summer and then make some flavoured oils and vinegars for Christmas presents. But....that may be counting my herbs before they grow!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

I like driving in my car!

Posh cars are nice to drive. Even on the other side of the road. I got my courage together this afternoon and drove home from Airdrie ( a nice quiet town about 15mins north). V lovely. Tom only had to prompt me a couple of times to keep watch out for the parked cars on the right of the car! The width of the car as well as having no spacial awareness for that side of a vehicle are not a good combination. Tom reckons I'll be fine till I get confident and then it's the time you make mistakes. I asked him if he'd made any yet, but he confidently informed me he doesn't make mistakes!
Tom's currently sitting rocking our small girl to sleep. I wonder who'll drop off first?
We met up with British friends today and they asked us if there is anything that we are missing yet. Asides from you lovely people the thing that sprang to mind was gravy granules, and decent chocolate. Strange what you find you want, we'll gt some brought out with our first visitor who arrives in 3 weeks. I'm sure as time goes on there will be other things that seem worth missing.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Cultural inductions

Over the past few days I've been having some true Canadian experiences.
Mt first trip to Tim Horton's was yest. and was everything coffee places look like in the movies, complete with 20min queue for the drive thru (I kid you not) and the police officer coming in, and having coffee and donuts. I made the comment that I used to think that the movies were stereotyping until moving to North America and discovering that they are in fact real life.By the way TH is a coffee chain that is Canadian and not an American import like the rest. To have a complete experience I really should have had a double double which the natives understand is a double sugar double cream, but I was confused about till someone helped me out. I did however have a donut and stayed clear of the steeped tea! What kind of advert is that offering steeped tea! There's a reason that the word is makes it sound drinkable. A box of Timbits to take into the office completed my education. They're the little bits out the middle of the donuts. Good marketing hey?
Then my friend told me that they had seen some loons on a walk, not too strange yet, but these loons were on a I did ask what they were. A national bird, on my dollar coin and the reason that the dollars are called loonies (and the two dollars are called doonies!!!). The thing is that grown people really do ask you for loonies which is still making me smile.
My final education was getting registration today for our new car. Yes our car. How cool is that. We have had a tiny(!) car donated to us, so if any of you need a ride in a Lincoln Continental please do come and pay us a visit. Anyway I had to go today to register it, with my insurance card and a bill of sale aka receipt (for a donated car, but we got around that!).

I hand over the paperwork (plus ID and the fee as always) and she pulls out a registration plate and we're all happy. It's bizarre walking out with a plate in your hand. And it's only one on the can add all kinds of happy or tacky messages to the front by yourself. I actually forgot to hand over the fee, collect my new plates thanked her and turned to leave, when she had to rather embarrassingly remind me that it's 80$ thankyou :) I'll post pics soon. Remember donated...not bought!

So we're off to watch Tom play soccer with some guys from church tonight, in our limo. Fun!

Monday, April 28, 2008

Snow in flip flops

This is a bizarre country. I walked to church yesterday with my flip flops being 18 degrees out there, and the path was still covered in snow in places. I walked along telling Tom that frozen water on your feet is cold, and then the light bulb came on and I realised that the proper word for frozen water is ice.....and of course it's cold on your feet. (the blondness continues way after the peroxide has grown out!)

Our small girl is loving the change in weather, and is sitting bolt upright in her pushchair, just grinning at all she can see. I bought her a sun hat today, and came home to discover rain forecast for tomorrow! She looks v cute, and hates it. Thankfully it has strap so she can't get it off. Still it's hotter today than yest, so hats are a must.

I have been given some plants, which is wonderful and have put them on the balcony to enjoy the sunshine. Must remember to bring them in at night in case the frost comes back. I am planning a veggie balcony and a friend from the office is helping me out with plants this year that she's started in her greenhouse. The short hot summer means that we're limited to summer type veg, but I;m really getting excited, and have been getting library books galore out. I really am hoping that I can get a good herb garden going if nothing else. I have a money off voucher for the local garden centre so look out here we come. I found a book called planted junk in the library and am feeling inspired as to the whole range of things that look good when planted. The thrift shops wont know whats hit them. Heidi and I are will be exploring this space.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Strange goings on!

I'm not sure what's happening round here, but the cleaning fairies have worked their magic, and I can't get enough of it. Hoovering, dusting, cleaning surfaces, mopping, sweeping, tidying.....all happen daily!!!! My roots are finally coming into fruition. Thing is it's affecting Tom too....he's pulled the plug out and stacked the toys after giving Heidi a bath all week! The funny thing is that no mater how much I clean the house looks dirty due to the state it was in when we got it. I think I need to get out more!!

Snow boots are the best toys ever!

Well, the snow continues, and so Heidi and I couldn't stand it any longer indoors and ventured off on the bus to see Tom for lunch. It has snowed over night so the pushchair was out, but with snow boot and the sling we were good to go, and I only came close once to sliding. It's really hard to tell how deep the bit of snow you are about to step in is!
At the office we got invited to a toddler group on Wed's which is close to home. The kids play and the Mum's do a bible study. So from next week Heidi and I have plans on Wed's. Praise God for his provision of other Christian Mum's (and babies) within walking distance.
Since getting back from the office the pavement snow plows have been out so we're going to attempt to take the pushchair out to the shops for some fruit and veg.....wonder how far we'll get.
Can smell a nappy so got to go...... :)

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Snow on snow on snow, snow on snow

I feel like I am living in the carol, and it's April!
We have been covered in snow since Friday, and it is a completely different feel to the snowy times that we've had so far. There's a bitter icy wind, and we have been driving on compacted snow on the roads as it's not warm enough to melt it. Imagine the slip road off a motorway, just white and hard to distinguish from everything else.....and it's a well used route.
Driving? We borrowed the office van with the plan to move our donated queen bed to the house, but due to the weather and a couple of other things we didn't pick it up. Have to sort out a way to do that soon. Still it meant that we could drive to church today which was really great...and we ended up going to some peoples for lunch which was also really great. Heidi was so happy to some kids to play with. She spent a happy while being pushed around in a laundry basket by a little boy.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Heidi update

Heidi is really well, and has spent the day awake except for a 45 min nap. She's reading and ripping the toysrus catalogue at the moment and has enjoyed my card envelopes more than I did! I guess I wont have to think what to give her for tea if she carries on with the paper!
This weeks firsts:

  • Crawling into the kitchen to come find me. Makes me feel special.
  • She has started to answer everything you say with yeh, so we've had some hilarious conversations. Will try and get one on movie for you to see.
  • Standing up against a wall
  • Sleeping till 9 (long may that continue)
  • "dadadadadadadadada"

My first Birthday!

It's been quite an exciting day, God is good. I was dreading it. Nothing like hearing from lots of lovely at home people to make you feel homesick, but the day didn't end up that way and it's not even over yet!
The fun began last night (which was my birthday in UK) when Tom came home with flowers and an ice cream cake (cool) with my name on it (v. cool). what amazed me most is that I had looked at them with him before and he remembered!
This morning there were some presents (not all had arrived) and then Heidi's gift was sleeping in till 9am. Yes you read that right! So I had a cup of tea and a read :)
I went over on the C train to my friends, and she took me out for coffee, (Heidi had the cream off my frappicino and then threw up!) and then we went out for lunch.
It was a surprise party!!!!!!
How cool is that, just like I've always wanted. There were 9 of us (and Heidi who ate as much as the rest of us) at a Chinese buffet and it was v v exciting. I was smiling lots as you can imagine. It also explained why Tom was so adamant that he didn't want sandwiches this morning. Secrets hey!
When we got home some parcels had arrived, and that made it all the more perfect.
So...........the rest of the day will involve normal routine, and a movie, well as far as I know!
PS Two cards today said happy 1st birthday (in Canada) hence the title
Added later.....
there was more.....
I had just put Heidi in the bath when there was a knock at the door and some people arrived who were clearly staying for the evening. lovely I thought, good to have friends over. They were slightly surprise no Tom at home and that I looked so surprised, but in the slight confusion Tom came home and it turned out they were babysitting and we were going to the cinema. How grown up are we!
A lovely lovely day :)

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

General update

Well, we're into week 3 and all is going ok in the Hindle house.

Tom is enjoying work and is still new enough that he is getting up at 7 and heading in for starts at 8.30! Not sure how long that is sustainable! Esther and Heidi join him for lunch at the office once a week, and this means that we are beginning to remember names and be remembered, Heidi more than the grown ups!

Esther and Heidi are still trying to carve out a routine but this will take time and probably a vehicle as there is not a lot going on in the local area. Having said that we joined the library and are each entitled to take out 99 items! Not sure how we'd carry them home or get time to read them! We plan to go swimming once a week so that will be fun too. Will keep you posted if we ever find something normal like a toddler group!

We are beginning to look round churches, and will keep you posted as to where we make our home. It is important and will need much prayer.

Our home was not in the condition that is should have been for us to move into, but we are beginning to get it together. It was a real disappointment, but we are beginning to settle in, and the company are putting things right. I'm sure it will feel like home really soon....when more of the chewing gum is off the floor! New blinds and a new stove (hark at me!) are due any day so that will be really lovely.

Our small girl is getting more and more active everyday, and is a joy to be around. She has struggled to get to sleep the last few nights, we think it's the lighter evenings and the fun she has discovered standing up. I'm sure as soon as we think we've cracked this one we'll have a new problem.

We have the internet at home now so are on skype all the hours we're up if you're free for a free chat. Phone to come later. Will update the blog regularly!

Heidi eating watermelon, and some talking

not for the faint hearted...or the short of time. Babies do take their time about these things. The baby noises are cute if you can last the time!

Saturday, April 5, 2008

just to let you know that we get Internet access in our house on Tues, so look out for more updates really soon. (in Internet cafe at mo) PS We are all well :)

Sunday, March 30, 2008


The slideshow is of our first trip into the Rocky's. Pretty amazing views, and walking on frozen rivers was pretty fun. Heidi's sledging went down well too!

Tom starts work tomorrow

Tomorrow is the start of the reason that we came out here in the first place, Tom starts works as a language applications programmer (he knows what that means!) for Wycliffe Bible translators. Heidi and I are getting organised to move into our new house on Tuesday (and Tom has a day off!)

Beginnings in Canada- Observations from the first 2 weeks

the grass is yellow in winter ie it’s dead! and everything is really dry and dusty
all the shops etc are square….not a pointy roof in sight
each house on the suburb estates is slightly different
it really is cold enough to freeze large amounts of water, ie so that you can walk on them
STATIC arrgh! you can get a shock any time any where. It’s because it’s so dry here
it is so sunny……except when it’s snowing and it snows lots. (people assure us we haven’t seen anything yet)
there are so many fast food outlets….large numbers, lots of different types
the Rockys are an amazing sight
Heidi is a good little girl, she seems to love the constant sunshine
the light switches are the wrong way round
it’s amazing how quickly vocab adapts. I’ve said stove, stroller, crib, cell phone, store and mall without thinking it's strange!