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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Wagon riding, splinters and dirt

We had a gorgeous day on Tuesday with new friends from church, when we went out to a farm (owned by some other people from church). It was a gorgeous day, wonderfully relaxing and lots of fun. Heidi enjoyed lots of treats from riding in a wagon to seeing lots and lots of cows and calves (I had never fully appreciated how small a Dexter cow was until sitting in an open sided wagon beside a proper sized cow!), eating two handfuls of dirt, pushing a toy car up a slope on her own two feet, falling splat into her side from her own two feet, getting a splinter in her toe, and being able to watch and play with the other 19 children that were there. I enjoyed lots of treats too like the wagon ride (Anne of Green gables moment except quad bike powered rather than horse drawn), not being the Mummy responsible for Heidi at the time of her dirt consumption, Heidi's afternoon nap (which gave me time to spend relaxing with grownups on the deck), being outdoors, meeting new friends, and realising that flavoured coffee really is the way forward.
Having a chilled out girl is helping to form a more chilled out Mum (although I am sure that the actual cause is God changing me and me learning to trust in him more than in my own strength). Coming to Canada has been a good thing. We have seen so many answers to prayers.
Yesterday we helped dig a flowerbed in a front yard. Calgarian soil is hard work but the recent snow meant that it wasn't as dry as I was dreading. A good soak will help the aches. Heidi and I will go swimming tomorrow. There's a hot tub at the pool!

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