Morning time plans

Friday, July 3, 2009

Stampede has come to the city again, and as last year we headed down to the parade to watch the 800 horses and others, including the bull coming through the city. It was basically the same as last year so for a full report you can re-read that one!

The only additional adventure we had was 2 of the wheels falling off the pushchair during the walk down. The front one is normal the back one not so good. So the time has come, and we are looking at new ones. We checked a few out today, but I think I'll take Tom to see the original one I liked, just had to make sure we didn't like any others more.

Wednesday was Canada and a holiday, (except for Tom who alongside the other in his team had to work). Heidi and I joined friends canoeing on a lake and had a wonderful time. We even got to see a pair of loons, the national bird of Canada. We hope to canoe every week this summer. Good ambition at least!

I had my first and I aim last ever filling on Thursday this week. Our dentist was so good that it was quick and painless...well apart from the injection and the aching jaw when the anaesthetic wore off. SO much better than I imagined but still not my long term plan to have any more done........unless I can time it for Wimbledon again......