Morning time plans

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Birthday fun

 It started with breakfast, the happy way.....

and cool number signs,  No jokes about being 11 please!
 And skype chats from shiny new wagons.
 More pressies, which were too fun to not get stuck into even before they were done being built!

 Sweet boy smiles
 and more pressies
 then cupcakes, mmmn paper and all......
 "I think I'll have yours too....."
 and then more pressies!
It was a lovely day. 
There are movies and all sorts to go on too, but the alarm clock will be ringing in a few hours and I am teaching cooking tomorrow to 4 precious kindergarten kiddies so will save till soon.

Thank you so much to all who sent things and who love our boys in so many ways x

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Happy Birthday to our amazing little boys

 Our world changed a year ago today.  (well tomorrow if you are in our time zone.)
I'm not sure that I feel anymore prepared to celebrate tomorrow than I felt last year. 
 But what is so exciting this year is that we know the little men that we are celebrating. 
 They are sweet and precious and so different from one another and so much the same.  (sentimental mother speaking here!)
 Hosea, you are our joker, you are jolly and love to laugh. Peek a boo is your favorite game, but climbing, unplugging the phone and pulling the wipes out of the box come close behind.  You have a special bond with Hope, rough and tumble are the names of your love for each other.  You lay your sweet head cuddled in on my shoulder when I pick you up, snuggling to make me feel blessed indeed. 
 Phinn you are our quieter boy but you too love to laugh especially when someone roars at you or speaks gibberish.  You love to chew paper! and also love to pull out the phone and empty the wipes.  Your sweet nature makes you gentle with others and you spend time touching the hands and face of the one who holds you. Seeing you come down the hallway beside your brother makes my heart soar, and the slightly crooked smile fills it with joy. 
Time has gone I know not where, but we have been blessed with 4 wonderful children, and the Lords sustaining hand has brought joy and contentment.

Happy 1st Birthday Phinehas and Hosea.