Morning time plans

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A picture, only 9 days late!

Hosea Timothy and Phinehas Paul in the delivery suite, a few hours old. Handsome hey?

Sunday, September 25, 2011

our plans......

It is fair to say that not a lot of the plans that we made about this home leave haven't taken place as we intended.

Today was no different.

The induction was canceled after waiting around for 4 hours, and we are to go back in tomorrow at 7.30 am.

I am off to bed now to get some sleep and then start the mad dash of dropping the girls off to friends and getting into the hospital.

We covet you prayers. Thank you for all that you have prayed on our behalf today, we are grateful.

Looking forward to sharing news, SOON!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Induction date.......

Well, there's a plan.

Sunday morning 9 am I am going into the hospital, to have an induction.

The good news from the consultant appointment on Tuesday is that twin 2 has turned and so both are now head down. How he turned without me noticing is beyond me:)

The two little ones may not be so little. When the consultant was doing the scan she was unable to measure the femur length as it was too long for the screen! We shall see how long the legs really are. I think that was the point she took pity on me and offered me the early induction.

So please pray for us. We have prepared as best we can I think, but there is still all the unknowns. There are no unknowns for the Lord and we are grateful that the babies birthday is known to Him as are all the days of their lives before anyone of them has come to pass.

I aim to get some of our summer pics on the blog before sunday so I can clear them out the way ready for the big unveiling. Snuggly twin pictures are too cute.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Looking good!

This was taken last weekend, so at 33 weeks. Not doing too bad!

The doctor will see me again at 37 weeks and then book in for an induction at 38 weeks. They are pleased with how well they are growing, and the position, and no one seems that bothered by my moaning about how bulky and sore my body is! I keep getting told I'm doing great and I'm carrying 2 normal size babies for their gestation :)

A maximum of 4 weeks and I get to meet my little men. Hurray.

And in a miracle turn of events, the Hindles have decided on names weeks before the delivery date. Sadly no white board tally chart this time the night before!