Morning time plans

Sunday, March 29, 2009

A hand update........
Well we had a dressing change on Friday, which was all as to be expected, not as healed as I was hoping for, but no cause for concern.

And then last night she began to tell us that she had a hurt. Which really is the best news we could have had. It seems like the healing process has started. I am hoping I can continue being glad in the night when she gets up!

She is thrilled that she has bitten the thumb section of her mitt free and is now able to see her thumb. She spent most of church thrusting her hand at people and then pulling the mitt away and giving the thumbs up! Cute if not repetitive.

Dressing change tomorrow and plastic surgery appointment on Tuesday (routine not because we definitely have to go there). More details to follow.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

We had a hard day on Tuesday night when Heidi feel against our hot fire and burnt her precious little left hand across the back.
So the end result is that she has very deep second degree burns on her left hand, I guess the good thing about that is that she is in no pain....for now.
So we have entered a world of dressing changes and sensory assessments. Time will tell the extent of her feeling loss etc, but we are trusting in the Lord.

Apart from that life is busy busy busy.....

Monday, March 23, 2009

Everything hurts!

I decided to do the neighbourly thing and shovel our friends paths (you have to shovel within 24 hours of snow or are liable for a $500 fine). They are on the corner so it is a hard job and with so much snow these last few days, hideous. But it saved me gym entry today, and Heidi got to play out with some other children which meant she napped much better :) I should learn to warm up!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

We went to the zoo on Saturday, and we spent not an insignificant time watching the ducks! Heidi doubled over clutching her belly laughing when she say a duck duck under the water to get some food!

We enjoyed the first day of Spring greatly, and celebrated a young friends birthday with a pizza party on our front porch and garden, short sleeves, kids playing outside till 8.30 not getting cold....and this morning 82 of snow and more forecast. Crazy of you ask me, and not all together pleasant.

Busy week planned....sewing, getting packaging done and getting photos for the website. Plus helping cook an Indian dinner for the kids club on Friday night and prepare and give talks on Wycliffe in the Pacific, to a bunch of kids on Friday day.....I should get some sleep!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Bunting fun

Well, I was brave today and took some bunting into a shop to ask if they would stock it and sell it! Argh I was very very very very nervous.

So, they thought it was very cute and had not seen something like it before and are going to take 2 of each range on a 2 month trial. I am very pleased.....just got the website to finish and get some stuff on ebay then its sew sew sew some more. I have a bit of packaging left to develop before they go into stores. Wow I am really talking about my stuff going into shops!

Monday, March 16, 2009

New words

The new word of the day was 'nice'! No prices for where she learnt that from. Oh well, better than the rest of the new ones today which included naked, and toilet, and diss (kiss).

And a funny thing is that she has started to call Tom 'DTom'!....I suppose no surprises there either for who that is learnt from.

Her baby doll was in good favour today too and apparently she wanted to eat the cheese not Heidi, and was a great help in setting the table, I had to pass the items to 'Betty' and Becky then passed them on to Heidi. Very complicated but gave Heidi something to explain to Tom when he got home!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

It has been a busy week full of lots of excitement like riding the bus, peeling oranges and having a breakfast picnic!

In fact I am not entirely sure what we achieved this week but we certainly made the most of the better weather and spent lots of time outside! I made the discovery on sat morning that it was warm enough outside to eat in our pyjama's so that is exactly what we did, I imagine that we looked ridicules but oh well. I guess the truth is I ate breakfast, Heidi picked at her homemade English muffin and ate the 'dam and buta' and Tom came out later much more appropriately dressed and tucked into muffins.

It was also a week when I went to the gym (popped Heidi into the babysitting service) and then we went swimming or splashing as she told everyone! It certainly gave her back her water feet and she was demoing to Tom the next day in the bath lying down and kicking away.

And I no longer have the job of peeling little oranges, in fact I have been thoroughly ousted as she refuses to eat one not peeled by her own fair's a but squished at the end but it doesn't seem to change her enjoyment.

After weeks of look 'Mama bus'! I decided that we would take a trip to a friends house on the bus. It was one of the those moment you wished you had the camera as the look of sheer joy on her face when she got to sit on a seat beside me was a picture. What a joy it is to have young children around who are constantly amazed and thrilled with simple things. Remind me of that in a few week when the terrible twos take over!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

We have been watching the most amazing storm, high winds blowing snow all over the place. We came in just half an hour before it started and I was glad not to be out in it. Our nearly thawed world has once again returned to white.
Tom and I went out this evening for our wedding anniversary, with Heidi and a week late since I spent our proper one in the bathroom, say no more!

The big news of this week is the birth of our niece, Tabitha Emily on Wed. She is the prettiest little baby and we have enjoyed getting photos, but it is at times like this that the world seems too big!

Our own baby is sleeping snuggled in bed between us just to fall asleep tonight, too many late nights and disrupted naps I think. She is getting so big so fast it's nice sometimes to let her be a baby.

Some of the funny/cute things she has done this week include:
Singing happy birthday during prayer time at home group this week
learning to say jampams for pj's (it is worth hearing)
getting permanent marker on her face!!!!
shouting 'bus mama' every time we see one....
making perfect rolled croissants with me this morning.
learning to say 'Tabitha Emily is my cousin'
starting to name people in evening prayers
giving baby doll Evie a drink of water. She was unfortunalty lying down(the doll that is, and was helped to a bottle of water) By the time she had come to get me saying oops Mama the whole time, Evie looked like she had been in a near drowing!

Heidi is now in a deep sleep, so must go pop her back in her cot :)

Thursday, March 5, 2009

was planning to write a nice long blog tonight, but got caught up with making Heidi a dress. Sorry. Very cool, not quite finished but off to bed.....just thought I'd write while waiting for my toast! :)