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Saturday, March 7, 2009

We have been watching the most amazing storm, high winds blowing snow all over the place. We came in just half an hour before it started and I was glad not to be out in it. Our nearly thawed world has once again returned to white.
Tom and I went out this evening for our wedding anniversary, with Heidi and a week late since I spent our proper one in the bathroom, say no more!

The big news of this week is the birth of our niece, Tabitha Emily on Wed. She is the prettiest little baby and we have enjoyed getting photos, but it is at times like this that the world seems too big!

Our own baby is sleeping snuggled in bed between us just to fall asleep tonight, too many late nights and disrupted naps I think. She is getting so big so fast it's nice sometimes to let her be a baby.

Some of the funny/cute things she has done this week include:
Singing happy birthday during prayer time at home group this week
learning to say jampams for pj's (it is worth hearing)
getting permanent marker on her face!!!!
shouting 'bus mama' every time we see one....
making perfect rolled croissants with me this morning.
learning to say 'Tabitha Emily is my cousin'
starting to name people in evening prayers
giving baby doll Evie a drink of water. She was unfortunalty lying down(the doll that is, and was helped to a bottle of water) By the time she had come to get me saying oops Mama the whole time, Evie looked like she had been in a near drowing!

Heidi is now in a deep sleep, so must go pop her back in her cot :)

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