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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Bunting fun

Well, I was brave today and took some bunting into a shop to ask if they would stock it and sell it! Argh I was very very very very nervous.

So, they thought it was very cute and had not seen something like it before and are going to take 2 of each range on a 2 month trial. I am very pleased.....just got the website to finish and get some stuff on ebay then its sew sew sew some more. I have a bit of packaging left to develop before they go into stores. Wow I am really talking about my stuff going into shops!


Anonymous said...

well done esther ,that must have been really nerve racking perhaps it will get easier. do hope sales go need to ask whether you prefer the sewing or the selling

Lowri said...

That's so exciting! Well done you for being brave and getting your product out there. I'm so glad they liked it, and I hope it's given you a bit of a confidence boost.
Could you put some pictures of your bunting on the blog for us to see?I#m sure it is indeed very cute, 'extra cute' in fact!