Morning time plans

Friday, January 16, 2015

I have been so grateful these past few days for a chinook and the glorious weather that it brings.
We popped over to our local outdoor skating rink Tues afternoon and had so much fun skating and playing on the cleared off play structure.
Wednesday was warm and a plus 7 day in January called for a celebration.
Dinner in the slow cooker, picnic made, layers on, and off we tromped for an adventure to the reservoir. The little boys were excited to see boats, and I didn't tell them otherwise, I wanted to see their facers when they saw a big expanse of ice and snow.  I often wonder how they reason that we don't do our favourite things all the time, I guess this helped.  When we go back to Heritage Park in the spring they'll ask why we haven't been for ages!
I digress........

We walked  to the water (except John), slid down the bank (including John on Heidi's lap!) and then walked around to the yacht club to walk down the gangway to investigate what had become of our water.  And then we picnicked sitting on the water.
Four hours later we dragged ourselves the last few steps home and baked cookies, read stories and slept really well that night.

I wanted to keep the momentum but they begged off yest saying they were tired, and I had to admit so was I.  We're so sluggish in the winter that being on the go is exhausting but good.

Monday, January 5, 2015

Oh the possibilities.................
I think I'll spend a week arranging and rearranging.
And training John, yes there will be lots of that.

Hurrah for organisation as we begin this tem of school.

Friday, January 2, 2015

 This little boy is every bit the bundle of fun and mischief that he looks like he is.  He's cheeky and endearing and loved on by us all.  Which is really a way of saying that I suspect that we spoil him!
It was no surprise yesterday morning to discover he'd been in my room - even though he shouldn't.
it was no surprise he'd been in the bedside table drawer -  even though he shouldn't.
It was no surprise he'd taken the school kindle -  even though he shouldn't.
It was no surprise that he was wandering around holding it - even though he shouldn't.
What made us laugh was the page he'd found on the kindle.

On an aside I'm loving the kindle paper white which we bought to replace our faulty standard one.  (So many of our school books are free on the kindle or cheaper than in print.)  And I love the freetime section which allows Heidi safe access to the books chosen for her and no others, tracks her time, and gives her a dictionary feature so she can look up words.  She loves the time of day that she has independent reading time, but who wouldn't love 20 mins curled up in my bed in silence!