Morning time plans

Thursday, June 26, 2008

We've been a beach. Amazing when the ocean is thousands of miles away!

Gull lake is about 90 mins drive north. Beautiful and a really relaxing place. Lots of lovely birds, and sand and shallow water and mud (which is not ideal but Heidi finds it equally as attractive as all the other good things).

We were chilled home early but it meant that we could all have showers and baths and go out for a lovely meal at a restaurant that had brown paper on the tables and crayons for all and gingham napkins....and yummy food.

Heidi had her first MacDonald's milkshake today. I would say it was a huge hit! Other firsts of the camping trip were sand, waves, sand castles, proper swimming costume, staying in the travel cot all night (only the first one though...) cotton candy icecream (which is candy floss to you and me), and eating sand which I guess is like eating dirt another of her favourite foods. The sand theme is to prove that we really were at the beach!

So, tomorrow we are off to buy a lasso for Tom's Dad, and then I think that the weekend will bring some time for relaxing the temperatures are set to rise so just as well.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

We're all much recovered and have had a fun day.
I went downtown with friends and we ended up having a day out for $7.75 that's around £4 using a variety of coupons, borrowed passes and complaining about food, and there were 7 of us. We did the Devonian Gardens which are indoor gardens with a big turtle pool, had lunch and went up the tower. Then we ended up back here and had an impromptu dinner party with 5 kids and 5 adults. If you've seen the size of our house you'll know that's quite funny. Heidi has gone to bed tired out

Tom has gone back to sleep talking! He has recently woken me to warn me I was falling off the top of the bed and on another occasion woken me because his pillow was broken !!!!! Happy days.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Poorly family. Tom is home from work feeling awful at the beginning of a nasty cold and Heidi is coming to the end of a nasty cold which has left her coughing half the night and feeling very sorry for herself. Best go get some sleep while I have the chance and feel smug that I am even further at the end of the nasty cold.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Dead ducks

I had a new experience today. Cracking open an egg to find out if the duck inside was indeed dead or alive! Sadly it was the former. And it is really gross thing to do and not recommended. Some friends got the eggs to hatch and then to take the ducks to the farm, but unfortunately it appears they were given dead eggs. We thought it was best to check (they should have already hatched) as there was no noise and the shell was turning black!

I'm glad for gloves and feel a little strange looking at the eggs in my fridge :)

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Camping, extreme nappy changing and other fun

Camping was wet.
But now we know where our tent leaks! What do you expect when you pay £35 pounds for a 2 room 6 man tent. We are assured though that the rain will stop and then the sun will come out and stay out until the snow comes. Joy!
The pictures are of our walk at lake Louise. They really don't do it justice. The lake really is turquoise (it used to be called turquoise lake until they named it after Princess Louise- mount Victoria is in the background). It looks a bit cold at the top and bad weathery, but really we were fine. We did a trail called the plain of the 6 glaciers, and at the top you can see them all. The trail is easy.....well in the summer. Hadn't realised that it is still cold in the mountains and we had to scramble over 6 or so avalanches to get to the top. Tom had Heidi in a sling and so I kind of just followed them. An older couple not even being put off by the snow behind me put my thoughts in perspective and I made it up. All time feeling rotten that I had left my sheepskin lined walking boots at home as I thought that they would make my feet too hot!!!!! And the poor girl had to suffer the fact that I hadn't put a change of clothes in for when her nappy leaked half way up we had to change her, and just put her in her snow suit!
My favorite memory has to be of Heidi sat eating her dinner in her little folding high chair, in the pouring rain outside that evening, without a care in the world, I don;t think that she even noticed that there was a full centimeter of water on the tray by the time we'd finished. The boys build a huge fire (pay one price get as much wood as you like !!! boys are boys) which no one stayed up to watch as it was raining! They assured me it was to keep bears away!
Over all we loved it and will be making as many trips as we can this summer, bears or no bears.

Matt has now gone home, we had a really fun time with him.

Heidi and I went to the zoo today. We had a call from a friend who said lets go in the rain (still) so off we went and got drowned for the morning but it brightened up this afternoon. Discovered that there are tigers which we hadn't known before and saw lots of cute footage of the new baby gorilla. Zoo passes are great. It feels like a free day out...and Heidi is really beginning to take note of all that she can.

Baking day tomorrow, and then going to a friends on Thursday to watch musicals (raining still what else do you do?) and then it's the play on Friday. Will be fun. Oh and Sat we are finally getting round to having birthday bbq! And you ask why I'm not looking for a job yet!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Birthday girl

Well, our precious girl has turned one. Where has the year gone? We the adults had fun watching her open her presents, and I think that she got into the whole thing for a while anyway until she got overwhelmed. Thank you to all....she is a very loved little girl. There are some photos and video, we wanted you to feel like you were here too. We ended up with a quiet day, Heidi had a long nap in the middle of the day, so some of the grownups did too. As you can see from the photos Tom has been trying to get some more zzzzz's all day.
But the day is done and she is off to bed, blissfully unaware that the tent has been tried out in the lounge, beds tried inside and her travel cot put up too as a trial. I have persuaded the guys that it is not a good idea to try out the great outdoors here we come (well for at least one night) :)