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Monday, April 28, 2008

Snow in flip flops

This is a bizarre country. I walked to church yesterday with my flip flops being 18 degrees out there, and the path was still covered in snow in places. I walked along telling Tom that frozen water on your feet is cold, and then the light bulb came on and I realised that the proper word for frozen water is ice.....and of course it's cold on your feet. (the blondness continues way after the peroxide has grown out!)

Our small girl is loving the change in weather, and is sitting bolt upright in her pushchair, just grinning at all she can see. I bought her a sun hat today, and came home to discover rain forecast for tomorrow! She looks v cute, and hates it. Thankfully it has strap so she can't get it off. Still it's hotter today than yest, so hats are a must.

I have been given some plants, which is wonderful and have put them on the balcony to enjoy the sunshine. Must remember to bring them in at night in case the frost comes back. I am planning a veggie balcony and a friend from the office is helping me out with plants this year that she's started in her greenhouse. The short hot summer means that we're limited to summer type veg, but I;m really getting excited, and have been getting library books galore out. I really am hoping that I can get a good herb garden going if nothing else. I have a money off voucher for the local garden centre so look out here we come. I found a book called planted junk in the library and am feeling inspired as to the whole range of things that look good when planted. The thrift shops wont know whats hit them. Heidi and I are will be exploring this space.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Strange goings on!

I'm not sure what's happening round here, but the cleaning fairies have worked their magic, and I can't get enough of it. Hoovering, dusting, cleaning surfaces, mopping, sweeping, tidying.....all happen daily!!!! My roots are finally coming into fruition. Thing is it's affecting Tom too....he's pulled the plug out and stacked the toys after giving Heidi a bath all week! The funny thing is that no mater how much I clean the house looks dirty due to the state it was in when we got it. I think I need to get out more!!

Snow boots are the best toys ever!

Well, the snow continues, and so Heidi and I couldn't stand it any longer indoors and ventured off on the bus to see Tom for lunch. It has snowed over night so the pushchair was out, but with snow boot and the sling we were good to go, and I only came close once to sliding. It's really hard to tell how deep the bit of snow you are about to step in is!
At the office we got invited to a toddler group on Wed's which is close to home. The kids play and the Mum's do a bible study. So from next week Heidi and I have plans on Wed's. Praise God for his provision of other Christian Mum's (and babies) within walking distance.
Since getting back from the office the pavement snow plows have been out so we're going to attempt to take the pushchair out to the shops for some fruit and veg.....wonder how far we'll get.
Can smell a nappy so got to go...... :)

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Snow on snow on snow, snow on snow

I feel like I am living in the carol, and it's April!
We have been covered in snow since Friday, and it is a completely different feel to the snowy times that we've had so far. There's a bitter icy wind, and we have been driving on compacted snow on the roads as it's not warm enough to melt it. Imagine the slip road off a motorway, just white and hard to distinguish from everything else.....and it's a well used route.
Driving? We borrowed the office van with the plan to move our donated queen bed to the house, but due to the weather and a couple of other things we didn't pick it up. Have to sort out a way to do that soon. Still it meant that we could drive to church today which was really great...and we ended up going to some peoples for lunch which was also really great. Heidi was so happy to some kids to play with. She spent a happy while being pushed around in a laundry basket by a little boy.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Heidi update

Heidi is really well, and has spent the day awake except for a 45 min nap. She's reading and ripping the toysrus catalogue at the moment and has enjoyed my card envelopes more than I did! I guess I wont have to think what to give her for tea if she carries on with the paper!
This weeks firsts:

  • Crawling into the kitchen to come find me. Makes me feel special.
  • She has started to answer everything you say with yeh, so we've had some hilarious conversations. Will try and get one on movie for you to see.
  • Standing up against a wall
  • Sleeping till 9 (long may that continue)
  • "dadadadadadadadada"

My first Birthday!

It's been quite an exciting day, God is good. I was dreading it. Nothing like hearing from lots of lovely at home people to make you feel homesick, but the day didn't end up that way and it's not even over yet!
The fun began last night (which was my birthday in UK) when Tom came home with flowers and an ice cream cake (cool) with my name on it (v. cool). what amazed me most is that I had looked at them with him before and he remembered!
This morning there were some presents (not all had arrived) and then Heidi's gift was sleeping in till 9am. Yes you read that right! So I had a cup of tea and a read :)
I went over on the C train to my friends, and she took me out for coffee, (Heidi had the cream off my frappicino and then threw up!) and then we went out for lunch.
It was a surprise party!!!!!!
How cool is that, just like I've always wanted. There were 9 of us (and Heidi who ate as much as the rest of us) at a Chinese buffet and it was v v exciting. I was smiling lots as you can imagine. It also explained why Tom was so adamant that he didn't want sandwiches this morning. Secrets hey!
When we got home some parcels had arrived, and that made it all the more perfect.
So...........the rest of the day will involve normal routine, and a movie, well as far as I know!
PS Two cards today said happy 1st birthday (in Canada) hence the title
Added later.....
there was more.....
I had just put Heidi in the bath when there was a knock at the door and some people arrived who were clearly staying for the evening. lovely I thought, good to have friends over. They were slightly surprise no Tom at home and that I looked so surprised, but in the slight confusion Tom came home and it turned out they were babysitting and we were going to the cinema. How grown up are we!
A lovely lovely day :)

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

General update

Well, we're into week 3 and all is going ok in the Hindle house.

Tom is enjoying work and is still new enough that he is getting up at 7 and heading in for starts at 8.30! Not sure how long that is sustainable! Esther and Heidi join him for lunch at the office once a week, and this means that we are beginning to remember names and be remembered, Heidi more than the grown ups!

Esther and Heidi are still trying to carve out a routine but this will take time and probably a vehicle as there is not a lot going on in the local area. Having said that we joined the library and are each entitled to take out 99 items! Not sure how we'd carry them home or get time to read them! We plan to go swimming once a week so that will be fun too. Will keep you posted if we ever find something normal like a toddler group!

We are beginning to look round churches, and will keep you posted as to where we make our home. It is important and will need much prayer.

Our home was not in the condition that is should have been for us to move into, but we are beginning to get it together. It was a real disappointment, but we are beginning to settle in, and the company are putting things right. I'm sure it will feel like home really soon....when more of the chewing gum is off the floor! New blinds and a new stove (hark at me!) are due any day so that will be really lovely.

Our small girl is getting more and more active everyday, and is a joy to be around. She has struggled to get to sleep the last few nights, we think it's the lighter evenings and the fun she has discovered standing up. I'm sure as soon as we think we've cracked this one we'll have a new problem.

We have the internet at home now so are on skype all the hours we're up if you're free for a free chat. Phone to come later. Will update the blog regularly!

Heidi eating watermelon, and some talking

not for the faint hearted...or the short of time. Babies do take their time about these things. The baby noises are cute if you can last the time!

Saturday, April 5, 2008

just to let you know that we get Internet access in our house on Tues, so look out for more updates really soon. (in Internet cafe at mo) PS We are all well :)