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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Snow boots are the best toys ever!

Well, the snow continues, and so Heidi and I couldn't stand it any longer indoors and ventured off on the bus to see Tom for lunch. It has snowed over night so the pushchair was out, but with snow boot and the sling we were good to go, and I only came close once to sliding. It's really hard to tell how deep the bit of snow you are about to step in is!
At the office we got invited to a toddler group on Wed's which is close to home. The kids play and the Mum's do a bible study. So from next week Heidi and I have plans on Wed's. Praise God for his provision of other Christian Mum's (and babies) within walking distance.
Since getting back from the office the pavement snow plows have been out so we're going to attempt to take the pushchair out to the shops for some fruit and veg.....wonder how far we'll get.
Can smell a nappy so got to go...... :)

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