Morning time plans

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Clever boy spends more and more time sitting up and playing.
And when he's not sitting up and playing he's rolling around.
It's the happy flappy stage.  One to treasure before true mobility kicks in and nothing is safe for the next 2 years!

Sunny days

Yesterday was a balmy 8⁰C so we took to the streets to post a letter and play on the frozen park swings, and to show off our snazzy new hats. 

I dressed the children for the trip out.  Then we got back and I undressed them ready for being back indoors.  

I should always check if they are coming in, cos I might just turn around and find one of them heading back out with mismatched shoes (each belonging to a different sister no less) and a backward reindeer on his head.

But if I always checked, then I'd not have amusing photos to share now, or in the fine years to come, when I need some motivational evidence! I guess I can leave it anonymous as to who the escapee was, and you can all guess from the profile.

Today has dropped to minus 10 and the snow is slowly falling, to cover those lovely melted pavements and create a huge skating rink once more. 
Wonder if that's why my vacuum had stopped picking up?
In Hope's words.  BISGUSTING!!!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Hope draws her Daddy, with a ducky on his shirt, and pockets on his trousers.

Took a video of Heidi last night, will get it on here when I can.

John rolled today, back to front to back again, big grins, squeals and flappy arms followed.  Now if only he would sleep at night!!  This time will pass I know, but the novelty of pacing the floor and snatching sleep in 1hr batches is wearing thin. 

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

It's hard work when your big sister insists you be the baby horse and tucks you up on the living room floor to give you a bottle!

Monday, January 13, 2014

week two

Due to terrible road conditions tonight I asked Tom if he would take Heidi. Here's a selection of the shots he brought back. No idea what she's aiming for in each picture but I do know that a very happy, less tired girl came home to smile and chatter her way through supper and make her Mama's heart glad.
On a another note, John got his first tooth today. not so much Mama gladness about the nursing from now on.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Messy but fun, all 5 round the table, 4 decorating the last of the Christmas baking.

John is growing up too fast.  Not quite big enough for slurpies yet though! 

Monday, January 6, 2014

First skating lesson

The pics aren't very exciting, and to be honest it was so fast paced and busy that I'm not sure I could have done anything better. 

She had a LOT of fun, is certainly being challenged and will sleep well tonight.  And I'm sure will have a few aching parts from all the landing on the ice.

So proud of her to keep pushing herself for the full 50 min lesson. 

They keep them moving between teachers with breaks in between skating around the edge in a follow the leader style doing all kinds of cool things.  She's going to far outstrip the rest of us in a few short weeks I'm sure. 

Looking forward to tomorrow when she wants to tell us all about it.  She was so tired tonight when she got off the ice she only took the time to say she really liked it, but wanted to go to bed.  Oh and she wanted to go as far as the girls on the ice straight after her lesson.  Mmmmn, will have to see about that.....staying upright is the first plan!

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Sweet feet.  A picture I need to remind myself of on a day like today when there is certainly not any quiet friendly moments happening!

 I love this boys eyes, and the rest of him too!

  Hope discovered she could have her coveted blonde hair with the teddy's frindged skirt.  Funny girl.
 Our neighbour gifts before Christmas made with a friend. We got 14 parceled up in all.
 And these sweet girls delivered them for me.  Too cute.
 I love this boys legs too.  All of him really.......
Just to make you laugh.....the adults on the Christmas lights walk night before Christmas Eve.  Shame I cut Kurt off.
Skating at our local outdoor rink new years day.  Heidi's lessons start on Monday so we wanted some ice time before then.  The girls and I skated the next day too, and Hope's improvement was incredible.  So good to  have a large rink within walking distance. 

Friday, January 3, 2014

finally up and running getting pictures onto the new computer from the camera.

Hopies birthday was a lot of fun.  We spread it out over a couple of days as we were able to swim with more friends that way.  The traffic played havoc with the actual timing of the days but she didn't seem to mind and in all, we celebrated the gift of our little girl and that was what we set out to do!

 We had pressies.....

 Chocolate sauce on our dutch pancakes and milkshakes.....

A family movie (it's COLD in December here!)
 The little guy just loves being with everyone. 

Then we went swimming. Yes including me.  This pic of myself on the blog is my house/country warming present to Lowri to make you smile during your first few weeks away from home. Not only is it a picture of me, but it is one of me swimming for the first time in I don't know how long! 

 Then back home with friends for a chilli and chips and sour cream and cheese, followed by swimming pool cake!
We loved celebrating you Hope.