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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Sunny days

Yesterday was a balmy 8⁰C so we took to the streets to post a letter and play on the frozen park swings, and to show off our snazzy new hats. 

I dressed the children for the trip out.  Then we got back and I undressed them ready for being back indoors.  

I should always check if they are coming in, cos I might just turn around and find one of them heading back out with mismatched shoes (each belonging to a different sister no less) and a backward reindeer on his head.

But if I always checked, then I'd not have amusing photos to share now, or in the fine years to come, when I need some motivational evidence! I guess I can leave it anonymous as to who the escapee was, and you can all guess from the profile.

Today has dropped to minus 10 and the snow is slowly falling, to cover those lovely melted pavements and create a huge skating rink once more. 

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