Morning time plans

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Wishing you all a Christmas focused on the reason for this season.

Christ coming to earth, fully God and fully man, to pay the price for our sin and in doing so becoming our Saviour, and conquering sin and death and hell.

As we morn with those who morn this year, we are grateful for the Lords care, and His many blessings.   

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Hope's birthday party

Waiting for friends to arrive to play tea parties.  We kind of forgot that there were small boys in the house who were more than happy to pull the cloth and empty the basket!

They decorated gingerbread men.  Hope was by far the most enthusiastic when it came to piling on the sweets!

Then the cake came after lunch (golden nuggets, jewel veg and lots of sour cream Hopes new found favorite food!).  The little gasp of pleasure made my Mummy heart swell, and the late night and repairs after defrosting it well worth it. 

We did a pink turtle piñata in between cake and going home but my little men were up for some of that and there was no time for pics when keeping them away from little sweets and erasers and toy rings and such!  They were tucked in their beds pretty soon after the piñata split!
 The girls each took home a package of little men to eat as well as their loot bag.  It was a lovely laid back party which I hope she really enjoyed. 
 Here's the monkey's, both riding on the same bike!  Trouble in cute packages.

And here's the cake from the cake from the front.  I'm still trying to dispose of the turrets but got busted again today trying to bin them by Hope coming into the kitchen..."are those my turrets?" she asked.  I'll try again tomorrow!!  Sparkly icing sugared cones surely don't taste good!

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Our birthday girl had such a happy morning and then in church it all went wrong and she has the flu!

Our plans changed, and we have rescheduled for Thursday morning with her friends. The cake is deconstructed and tucked away in the freezer. 

It's all a little sad.

Off to sleep while I can!

3 years old today (unless you ask the birthday girl...she tells you she's 5!)

3 years ago on a cold and snowy day a little girl was born at home.  We named her Hope Ruby and pray that she will learn to treasure the Hope of the world sent at Christmas time to be her Saviour. 
She grew fast! Which is unusual for these Hindle babies and was soon one. We had a sledging and hot chocolate party that year and green and pink cupcakes. 

Then we blinked or so it seemed and you were two  Lots happened that year and we took you to IKEA, shopped your pressies on the day and had cupcakes 2 weeks late.  I'm ashamed to admit I don't know where the pics are, or even if we have any.  As Mummy explained a lot happened that year!

And so today sweet Hope you turn 3.  You are tall and pretty. You are determined and cheerful.  You are our joker and make us all laugh.  You light up a dreary day with your version of a Tommy Norrie story complete with rabbit pie!  We are grateful for the gift we were given when you came. 
Today is Sunday, we are going to church, then you are going out with your Daddy to have a grown up girl lunch and then you are having your party.  Your cake is in the fridge, a castle like you asked with Cinderella walking in.  The pink turtle piñata is stuffed even though you are determined it won't be hit and you even took it around today and told it you would not let anything happen to it.  I suspect you want the candy more than the piñata and we took a picture to remember it by. The cookies are ready to be decorated and the crackers with the crowns in them are ready to be pulled. We hope that you remember tomorrow how special you are and how loved you are by us and God. 
Will endeavor to update with pics tomorrow  

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

It's snowing!

I guess in October we shouldn't be surprised.

The Lord is so very gracious to us.  Our furnace clean was booked for November 15th, but I called today and gave them our story again. 

Now they are coming Friday.....hurrah.

I am looking forward to heating. 

We are fine with a little blower in the room we are in, and there's enough of us with way to much energy running around keeping warm.  We learnt the 2 times table today by doing horse jumps over a 2 jump course.  Couldn't do that on a hot day!

Tomorrow we are in Cochrane for school and then the heater day is here.  We're making tuna fish cakes.  Yum.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Birthday fun

 It started with breakfast, the happy way.....

and cool number signs,  No jokes about being 11 please!
 And skype chats from shiny new wagons.
 More pressies, which were too fun to not get stuck into even before they were done being built!

 Sweet boy smiles
 and more pressies
 then cupcakes, mmmn paper and all......
 "I think I'll have yours too....."
 and then more pressies!
It was a lovely day. 
There are movies and all sorts to go on too, but the alarm clock will be ringing in a few hours and I am teaching cooking tomorrow to 4 precious kindergarten kiddies so will save till soon.

Thank you so much to all who sent things and who love our boys in so many ways x

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Happy Birthday to our amazing little boys

 Our world changed a year ago today.  (well tomorrow if you are in our time zone.)
I'm not sure that I feel anymore prepared to celebrate tomorrow than I felt last year. 
 But what is so exciting this year is that we know the little men that we are celebrating. 
 They are sweet and precious and so different from one another and so much the same.  (sentimental mother speaking here!)
 Hosea, you are our joker, you are jolly and love to laugh. Peek a boo is your favorite game, but climbing, unplugging the phone and pulling the wipes out of the box come close behind.  You have a special bond with Hope, rough and tumble are the names of your love for each other.  You lay your sweet head cuddled in on my shoulder when I pick you up, snuggling to make me feel blessed indeed. 
 Phinn you are our quieter boy but you too love to laugh especially when someone roars at you or speaks gibberish.  You love to chew paper! and also love to pull out the phone and empty the wipes.  Your sweet nature makes you gentle with others and you spend time touching the hands and face of the one who holds you. Seeing you come down the hallway beside your brother makes my heart soar, and the slightly crooked smile fills it with joy. 
Time has gone I know not where, but we have been blessed with 4 wonderful children, and the Lords sustaining hand has brought joy and contentment.

Happy 1st Birthday Phinehas and Hosea.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Monday to Thursday

Not as much as last week that`s for sure.
Lots of cooking it feels like, and tweaking of the more difficult bits of the house.
Training kiddo`s up in the way they should go, continually, repetitively, despairingly at times.
Talking more with the girls about what they like about the new house, what they miss.  How the Lord is in control.
Working on paperwork for the Provincial nomination.  Fighting for joy and peace in this. 
Getting the home school schedule a little more planned, trying not to panic about how to fit the whole of life into the hours I am up. 
Having tea parties with hot chocolate and brownies and two princesses
Making meatballs, throwing them in the slow cooker and heading to the park for long gangly girls to practice their monkey bar swinging and very nearly getting it!
Loving watching the little boys interact with each other and the girls.  Much giggling often means mischief between Hope and Hosea!
Planning to get some canning in this year, I will regret it if I don`t so tonight is apple sauce.  I have called in the reinforcements.......a sign of the season of life I am in.  No huge time limited projects without help.  I am trying to learn to live within the parameters set for me so far as time and energy go.
Doing some school type things with Hopie, she loves to be a part of it, and she is so fun one on one.

Sunday, August 26, 2012


Wow we moved a week ago today. 

And I think we may have cracked it!

Achieved today:
A second sleep after a broken night thanks to my wonderful husband.  I dreamt about driving a fire engine!
Dining room table built with the help of Heidi. 
Sun room cleared and tables set up for plants to start off in.  So far Tom has brought in the radishes and lettuce from outside and planted peas.  He set out to get more seeds today but there was none to be found in Calgary this late on in the year.  I guess the fact that we should have snow sometime next month has something to do with it. 
Changed the screen door glass to the the screens to try and get some air flowing through without the bugs!
Banister rail attached and stair gate put up. Previously we had to put Hosea in one area or another, but now we should be able to function on the main floor without getting stuck on the wrong side of a stair gate. While we did this the boys slept and the girls played in the back yard.  Little did we know they were caking themselves in mud.  Apparently they were trying to cool down!  Oh well, baths are useful and it bath night after all.

Good friends came over and helped us get the motivation to get the final boxes in the right spots.  In theory Tom and I now have somewhere to put our clothes, but how long it takes for me to get them there remains to be seen.

I guess all that remains is to get some pictures taken, and then choose some colours and materials to start the renovations.

Friday, August 24, 2012


Moved all the things from the front entry way and put the majority away!
Rearranged the boys room and unpacked their clothes into the white drawers
Moved lots and lots of boxes into the master bedroom from the sun room so you can now walk into the sun room and see some of the floor!
Made a chocolate rhubarb cake with the girls,  seriously good recipe.  Like a cakey brownie with sour bits in it, yum  Added the last of the sour cherries too.
Finally put the bed frame together so tonight will be the first night in a bed and not the sofa bed.  Yippee.
Cleared a path to the bed from the door.
Started to make list of priorities for tomorrow. Mine, organising and unpacking.  Tom's getting seeds and starting to turn the sun room into the food production area.  Plan to leave at least room for one chair for me.
It rained nearly all day today, so after supper we all went out for a walk, the girls on their bikes and the boys in the stroller.  Heidi is getting so good at pedaling, she was sad to have to come home. It is nice to live on a street so quiet that we can watch her biking up and down the street by herself to get out the last of her wiggles before bed. 


Unloaded the van before Tom went to work, things piled outside house and back gate.
Arranged girls room, and unpacked clothes from suitcase into plastic drawer units.  To trial and see how well it works.
Moved all the junk into the house.  Unpacked the kitchen things (more!) and left the other things in the front entry way!
Took the kids out for a walk in the afternoon and played in the park
Seats back in the van
Unable to update blog because my computer broke!  So back to no internet for me in the day, not a bad thing I guess
Early night

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Unpacked 5 more kitchen boxes
Poorly big girl slept much pf the morning
Cleared old plant pots off decking
Rubbish in outdoor bin, overflow in shed
5 boxes to garage
Part of laundry room scrubbed, deep freeze moved, bleach added ready for scrap and scrub tomorrow
Back to old house for final bits removal and clean.
Home at 1am!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Moving and settling into the new house

Well we moved on Saturday, and it has been non stop since then, even more than it was before then.
Life is going to be busy for a while, so I am hoping to keep some kind of day to day diary of the things that we are doing in the house etc mostly so that on the days we feels that nothing is moving we can look back and see it.

Saturday moved stuff over to new house in one load in the back of the bread truck.  Boys and girls all looked after by friends for the morning, in the new place for the unloading and the start of the sorting out/organising.
Bunk beds built and bedding found. Day bed also made up and put in girls room.  3 sets of wet bedding by morning!
Light fitting will need changing to bunk beds can go against the corner of room.
Box 46 was lost for much of the day, and finally found tucked away in old house in cupboard, It contained screws etc for boys cots.
One cot built, play pen put up for the other bed.
Airing cupboard unpacked
Esther slept on top bunk, Tom and Hope on bottom and Heidi in day bed!
Living room arranged, will likely be rearranged in due time but somewhere to sit.

Sunday church, park with splash pool, home for supper kindly given to us from fundraiser dinner the night before.  Good to rest.

Monday amazing friends came over to help clean. (problems with cleaning agency means that house was not clean when we moved in).
Kitchen cleaned, cupboard above the fridge packed into 5 boxes and taken out.
Bathroom cleaned and towels put into cupboard from airing cupboard to make way for toys
Main bedroom cupboard cleaned and boxes started to be stacked in so we can walk about and begin to think!
Ran dishwasher and went downstairs to discover sewage on the floor of the basement.  Rang plumber and arranged for him to come out Tuesday am.
Packed to spend night in old house.
Cleaned front entry cupboard.
Ended up washing with hose in front garden after cleaning up the sewage!
Tom helped friends move book cases from old house out.

Tuesday Spent the day cleaning parts of the old house, and sorting out thank you's for everyone who helped look after the kids for the move.
Plumber unblocked the floor drain and extracted tree root balls.  Also got face cloth out of the en suite toilet (that explains why it overflows!)  Replaced the kitchen tap and the en suite sink. 
Put leaves in the table in the kitchen and set chairs around it. Moved the microwave. Tom changed light  bulbs in kitchen to energy saving. Ran dishwasher.  No sewage in the basement.  Hurrah.

Now lets see if I can keep this up for the length of the renovations!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Second of a few catch up posts

 Every where I look I see twins.
Hope seems to think that babies come in twos.
 There are lots of nappies changed everyday in our house.  I think she changes almost as many as I do.  Now that she is a big girl and doesn't wear nappies in the day any more, she is more inclined to change baby after baby after baby.
She'd change these two if she had the chance. She is crafty though and tries to mother them in other ways.  Hosea is wise and moves fast, Phinn is not always as lucky and can find himself washed down with water before he can blink.  Both boys were sporting nifty hairstyles the other morning after a "bath" by Hope from a bottle of water.  They were not amused!

The first of a few catch up posts

It seems if we do anything other than this, then nothing else gets done.  Especially not in the blog world.  And that is ok, but I am sure that if I don't write it down I will never be able to remember any of it.

We went to the zoo, and remembered to play on the metal animal structures outside before going in.  The girls normally want to on the way home but there is never enough energy left in my reserves to do this.
The boys enjoyed the grass while Heidi and Hope followed Shelldon on his walk learning all about Tortoises and how they are different from turtles.
Hosea met with a bee, picked it up and bit it.  The pic is blurry but you can see how swollen he got.  It was all a little stressful seeing a bee in his mouth, fishing it out and then I smashed it in the deck with the phone I was holding at the time.  Turns out the whole thing was recorded on my friends answer phone as I has placed a call right before he bit it!  He was checked over and declared fine. 
It has been so hot that the pool was up for a couple of days.  We quickly ditched the small inflatable slide for the plastic slide, way more fun!
Everyone enjoyed it, and the washing line strung up with sheets gave just the right amount of shade.