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Sunday, December 9, 2012

3 years old today (unless you ask the birthday girl...she tells you she's 5!)

3 years ago on a cold and snowy day a little girl was born at home.  We named her Hope Ruby and pray that she will learn to treasure the Hope of the world sent at Christmas time to be her Saviour. 
She grew fast! Which is unusual for these Hindle babies and was soon one. We had a sledging and hot chocolate party that year and green and pink cupcakes. 

Then we blinked or so it seemed and you were two  Lots happened that year and we took you to IKEA, shopped your pressies on the day and had cupcakes 2 weeks late.  I'm ashamed to admit I don't know where the pics are, or even if we have any.  As Mummy explained a lot happened that year!

And so today sweet Hope you turn 3.  You are tall and pretty. You are determined and cheerful.  You are our joker and make us all laugh.  You light up a dreary day with your version of a Tommy Norrie story complete with rabbit pie!  We are grateful for the gift we were given when you came. 
Today is Sunday, we are going to church, then you are going out with your Daddy to have a grown up girl lunch and then you are having your party.  Your cake is in the fridge, a castle like you asked with Cinderella walking in.  The pink turtle piñata is stuffed even though you are determined it won't be hit and you even took it around today and told it you would not let anything happen to it.  I suspect you want the candy more than the piñata and we took a picture to remember it by. The cookies are ready to be decorated and the crackers with the crowns in them are ready to be pulled. We hope that you remember tomorrow how special you are and how loved you are by us and God. 
Will endeavor to update with pics tomorrow  

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