Morning time plans

Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Hosea rolled this morning!

Watch out world, he's pretty proud of himself

the morning he discovered feet

Monday, February 27, 2012

I did, I do, I will

8 years ago today.

I am deeply grateful that you are my husband and friend.  

The Lord has indeed blessed me with many wonderful gifts.

As I write this 2 are sleeping, snuggled close in to each other.
One is tearing round the house, chasing after a friend playing with balloons.
Our eldest is watching a movie, tucked into the couch in the scary parts.
And you are working, diligently. carefully with grace and humility.(OK so that is after playing computer games with friends for much of the evening!)

We have so much more that we could ever hope for or dream of.

Thank you Tom for all that you are.

Your wife loves you very much xxxxxx

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Valentines day

Valentines Day is more of a family event here, perhaps because my girls love pink and red and hearts more than my husband!
We had friends over for supper and feasted on pasta with RED sauce, HEART shaped biscuits/scones, HEART cut butter, RED tomatoes, and Martha's amazing salad dressing on our salad. (that counts as Valentiny because we love the dressing and we love Martha!)
Sadly I don't have a pic of the desserts, brownies with HEART shapes outlined in icing sugar and jello squares, mine didn't quite look this good, but were fun all the same.
And our activity was a Valentine Village, which Holly had stashed away in her cupboard at Christmas, when it was on sale and called a Christmas Gingerbread Village.  Amazing what a change of name can do to a thing!
Hope and Heidi had a ball, and did really well, only eating about half their body weight in candy, and we managed it as our table centre for a couple of days till they broke into the first house.
We finished the last house off this morning on the way home from church.  Yum.

The other funny thing that happened that day was at breakfast.  I had made tiny felt pockets for the girls, tucked under their breakfast bowls each containing 3 red jelly beans and a heart shaped not saying Mummy loves you.  There was much excitement (long may it continue that something so simple can please for so long), and Heidi was declaring that she was going to keep her Valentine forever and tucked her beans and note back in safely.  I turned to my left to see that Hopie has already eaten her beans (no surprise there) but also attempted to eat the note.  She handed me the piece of paper and told me 'Hopie no like it!'

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Friday, February 24, 2012

Handsome pair

 Hope is sitting with my while I am writing this post today. She is the only one awake right now, nap time sucess as far as we are both concerned I think.   
We've been having alot of fun just being together right now, hanging out, pulling faces, making each other laugh.
 And there is even time to coordinate our outfits with our bumbos!Wow you say, you must be super organised to have the spare time to do that :) Yeh right!!!!  Complete fluke, there is no time to get Hosea dressed EVERY morning, so he is in jammies, and Phin is only dressed because he had a nappy blowout!!! `

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Making monkey bread with two monkeys

there are days when we can manage an activity on top of the essentials like eating, changing nappies and reading stories.  Usually these days coincide with me having help in the house like on Tuesday.  
So we usually indulge in making the most of our enthusiasm and bake something.
This week it was monkey bread, like cinnamon  buns but easier for the girls to help with.(that should read easier for me to let the girls help with!)  There is rarely time to do a recipe start to finish before a small boy needs his Mummy, so I got the dough prepared while the girls we resting, and then we did some school of dividing into 4 equal parts, and then counting to 12 together.  Check us out...!

After we were done putting the bits of sticky dough 'right there' it rose again, and then cooked in the oven and turned out like this.

We are still eating it though, but being good Canadians that's possible breakfast, lunch or supper :)  And next time I'll cook it 5 mins less, but it's a keeper of a recipe for sure.