Morning time plans

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

8.30-9.00 Helping Mummy with simple chores

Heidi has several morning chores which she is super good at. Checking that the bathrooms have a spare toilet roll and putting one in if necessary, and taking the recycling to the right spot.

This morning we added unloading the non sharp cutlery. She was doing great so I left her to it. When I glanced back this is what I saw.

I hadn't realised that Teddy was getting an education too!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Has anyone seen my baby and toddler. I seem to have misplaced them and got these giants instead! They are growing up so fast.
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Things we do when we should be tidying part 2

We thought we were taking a video of a Heidi trick! Little did I know Hope would do her first letting go and stand alone!

The things we do instead of tidying!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

itchy itchy

There is something very sad about finding your small girl rubbing her head against the sofa skirt in an attempt to get some relief from the itching.

Some more drugs, an oatmeal bath soak and her tea later and she is tucked up in bed.

Her body is looking much better her face still blotchy and puffy.

I am praying for some measure of rest tonight, and to love her with enthusiasm if she needs me in the night.

Splotchy puffy face

Our poor Hopie girl has a red messy rash all over her face and torso, which the Doctor tells us is an allergic reaction to something.

She spent the whole night up rubbing her eyes and crying and is thankfully sleeping peacefully now after her antihistamines.

Now the hard part, figuring out what she is allergic to!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

My beautiful sweet big girl was asked tonight if she would like to be a software engineer like Daddy when she grew up.

'No' she exclaimed.

So the obvious question is what do you want to be when you grow up.

'A, A, A' and her big blue eyes grew even bigger and sparkled and danced as she tried to formulate what she wanted to say.

'A Mummy'.

What sweet words.

May you have as much fun being a mummy to your sweet babies as I have being yours dear Heidi.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Pride comes before a trip to the dump with the fridge!

We have had our broken fridge sitting outside on of the kitchen windows for quite some time now.

It turned out that on Sat friends could come with their truck and help us move it.

'Great' I said and suggested I make a rhubarb pie. I have only made one rhubarb previously in my life, and it was for the same friends and it was really rather good.

So encouraged by your kind comments on the photo blog Heidi and I did for the muffins I decided to do the same for the rhubarb pie.

We collected the rhubarb from the garden

Mixed it with sugar and flour and set aside till we make the pastry. When the pie dish was covered in pastry we dumped the filling inside.

And then popped the top on
Beautiful isn't it?

At this point our friends arrive and we pop the pie into the oven and get to work on moving the fridge.
I helped really, holding a gate it important!

And I was so pleased that the fridge was aptly proclaming the passengers brain power.
Holly, Kurt and I piled into the truck to take the fridge on it's merry way to the dump, my children were safely at the neighbours and Tom was at football tryouts. What should have been a straight forward drop at the dump was, but only after we had negotiated 2 cases of getting lost (we all knew where we were going!) and a long queue to get in. We played boggle on the i-phone to keep entertained on the long wait to get into the dump.

But what of the pie.

The beautiful pie.

The pie that was so good the last time?

I was trusting that my lovely husband would get home and rescue it at just the right moment and when I did finally get to talk to him my first question was How did your soccer trial go! Sadly no. It was how is it! Not too bad was the reply.

We got home to this.

Crunchy to say the least, a little carbony in places.

But edible!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

What a terrible day it was for my oldest daughter when her mother woke up feeling the need to organise, and not just in a small way, she meant really organise!

Everything was attacked and sorted.
Well everything I could be bothered to do!
Not everything I intended to do got done, because by the time you get half way through you realise that you really have lost the desire to be super organised and tidy and really want to live in chaos.

But the toy cupboard was one of the first. And so we sorted and categorised. And if you didn't fit into a category you got put into box to get chucked. That was until a friend pointed out that all things in the to chuck box had wheels, and therefore they are a category and therefore they got to stay.

Anyway, this was the result.


With pictures.

Lots of labels.

If this works, and a week in it is, I am planning to switch to cute little wooden labels that cannot be eaten by Hope!

I love a half empty toy cupboard, there is so much more room.

And there is a half chance that Heidi can put things away by herself. It may have been more of a chance if the pictures were better for her to match and understand but she will have to work with what her artistically challenged mother can manage.

Aside from organising, we have been hanging out with friends. Hope and her friend William were having a great time mauling at Devin as he caught up on some shuteye on the kitchen floor.

More of our vacation stories later, when I have the pics from friends.

But for a hint, it involves carrots, trees and food!