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Thursday, December 8, 2016

7 years ago today

Six years ago on a cold and snowy day a little girl was born at home.  We named her Hope Ruby and pray that she will learn to treasure the Hope of the world sent at Christmas time to be her Saviour. 
She grew fast! Which is unusual for these Hindle babies and was soon one. We had a sledging and hot chocolate party that year and green and pink cupcakes. 

Then we blinked or so it seemed and you were two  Lots happened that year and we took you to IKEA, shopped your pressies on the day and had cupcakes 2 weeks late.  I'm ashamed to admit I don't know where the pics are, or even if we have any.  As Mummy explained a lot happened that year!

The year you turned 3 you were so poorly that we had to cancel your party and put the cake into the freezer. But later in the week we celebrated the with the princess cake, a gaggle of friends and lots of fun.
Then you turned 4.  That year was colder than any other, and everyone got stuck in hideous traffic trying to get to the swimming pool.  But, we all had fun, swimming and playing and eating chilli at 9pm because we stayed at the pool long enough for everyone to  have a good time.
And then you turned 5.  That was the year we had the Princess and the pea cake and Mummy forgot to put the pea on!
And then you turned six.  We had an ice-cream social for your birthday that year, and it was so fun to play and eat all things ice-cream. 

And today you turn seven.  A birthday that has sort of crept up on us this year because we have been working so hard at school.  You love animals and drawing, and your family and a wide circle of friends.   And tomorrow is swimming, again, so I guess we could add swimming to your list of things you love to do.  We loved watching you grow and mature this year Hopie, even when it meant chaos and really loud volume levels as you lead your faithful followers on adventure after adventure.  
Enjoy being seven our sweet girl.  We'll be praying that you learn not to be scared of anything, because Jesus has conquered everything that is scary by rising from the dead. 
We love you xxxxxxx

Twins birthday fun

It was a day of treasure hunting.  Scavenger hunts leading to treasure chests, digging for gold (yucon gold potatoes to be exact), and exploding treasure chests with real money (discontinues pennies to be precise).  We were blessed with a warm sunny September day with which to celebrate the blessing of these two amazing little boys.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

5 years ago today

 Our world changed, 



Then we blinked and you were one.

And then we chased, wiped, trained, chased some more, played, read, and chased after even more and then you turned two.
Two to three was busy too, your imaginations took off and the world was never dull with you two around!
Then you turned four, and I can't think how my heart has kept up with you growing and changing and doing all the things four year old boys do!
 Phinn and Hosea, do you know we went to Heritage Park yesterday with you (two days before you turned 5), just like we did when you turned four.  You even wore the same clothes (your choice).  But if I look at the pictures, I spot a few changes, too many actually.  Your sleeves don't get rolled up anymore, all your jeans bar one have holes in at least one knee, your little brother now wears those cowboy boots, and the hats literally have not looked like hats for quite some time.
But some things are the same, apart from your clothes.....
you still pretty much stand side by side, together, just the way you've always been
your smiles are every bit as handsome
you make plans for jobs that need 'two mens', in fact you make plans for everything, and they always include your twin
you love being cowboys and knights and police mens and muscle mens
everyday being your Mama is an adventure, one I do not feel worthy of the privilege of having.  But I will take this adventure with a grateful heart, and with thanks and petitions to Him who blessed us with the gift of raising two boys to be two men.  Daddy and I love you monkeys, all the way to the moon and back.  With donuts.  xx 

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Birthday celebrations for John John


A sweet day for a sweet boy.
Granny visiting, Heritage Park on the train and the boat and the wagon and all the rides, back to Auntie Holly and Uncle Kurt's for hotdog roast and marshmallows and Thomas the tank engine on their big screen.

He is happy honest....... love how his smile makes him look in pain.
Happy Birthday John John x

Friday, June 17, 2016

3 years ago today.........

This sweet baby was born.....

He grew far too fast and was soon one

And then two......

But due to a technical clitch aka I can't get my computer to show me my photos only the icon and I need to do a big clean up to move photos around.... so no picture of two, I will update....

Sweet John John.  You are the darling of the family and well you know it.  Big blue eyes a tilt of the head and a quick mmmn mmn and you have us doing as you want. 
I love watching you keep up with the big boys, and still climbing up on my lap for a snuggle with my cardi wrapped round us both.  Your pudgy arms are slimming down, how I wish I could bottle the feeling of them both wrapped round my neck when you give a big bear hug squeeze.
Much love to you sweet boy, Mama loves you.

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Birthday celebrations




We celebrated  Heidi's birthday quietly on the actual day, the usual breakfast of choc chip pancakes and strawberries, and then later that day we went to the lake with friends and painted for a few hours.

The following Saturday we had the most wonderful day celebrating Swallows and Amazon's style.  That book has captured everyone's imagination, and so I tried to create a celebration where the adventure was all the children's without 'natives' getting in the way.  The lake close to our home is perfect.  It's a lake for a start, kind of important to go with the theme, but also you can see almost all the paths from any given spot so although the kids we on their own we could keep an eye.   I hid clues in the morning and then gave the party goers a couple of back packs with instructions and supplies for the challenge.  Every clue lead to the next clue and a challenge connected with that location.
They had to creek jump and measure the longest jump, rename the map locations to something meaningful to them, catch a minnow, eat their ships rations (homemade iced buns, caramels and cucumbers) and identify and sketch two birds, then back to the pavilion to unscramble the word problem and find their treasure (the take home gifts). 
Then we had lashings of tea, and cake. 

I haven't enjoyed a party more, lots of prep and no actual stress on the day.  In fact I spent the party sitting in the pavilion drinking tea with another Mum. I had planned for an hour perhaps an hour and half, but  two and a half hours later they were finally done having had a wonderful time.  (We did check in with them that they wanted to keep going and were told in no uncertain terms that what was started was going to be finish!)

Swallows and Amazons forever.