Morning time plans

Friday, May 31, 2013

6 years ago today

A tiny girl was born.......

She turned one.....

Then two......

then three......

then four.

then 5.

I am struggling to wrap my head around the fact that my Heidi girl is 6 tomorrow.  I think the imminent arrival of the 5th Hindle baby is adding most of the emotion....5 babies in just over 6 years is mind blowing. What a blessing.

She went to sleep tonight dreaming of being Laura Ingills tomorrow ( I even found her name changed on her notepad to Laura recently).  There's an icecream patchwork quilt cake in the freezer, bonnets for all to wear at the party and nine patch quilt squares cut ready.  We plan to wash clothes on the washer board, make butter to have with our simple picnic and string beads together.  And all that is after her morning jaunt to the farm to have breakfast with the most precious of sweet friends who are un-expectantly in town. 

Heidi girl, we want you to know that we love you.  You are a blessing to our family and your siblings are blessed to have you as the oldest.  Although it is not always easy being in a big family remember that the Lord who made you, and knows you the best, placed you here with us because it is the very best place for you.  Your determination this year with your surgery, rehab, and learning to read has been a joy to watch.

Enjoy your birthday sweet one, try not to grow so fast this year......your Mama's heart feels like it can't take the pace of your growing up.  But you used to tell me with the best confidence ever, "God make me to grow." Yes he did, and it's a beautiful journey. 

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Praising the Lord this morning.  The boys and I have an extension on our healthcare coverage that lasts until the 22nd August.  That gives us plenty of time to have to right paperwork in place, it's due the beginning of June.

Now I can relax for 6 weeks and just look forward to this little Canadian making his appearance!

Relax, I wish. 

Back on the renovations today, basking in summer heat, making rolls with all 4 (that was a gong show that I wish I'd had my camera rolling for, but making rolls with 4 means cameras are a little out of the question!).

Going to bash our dough down, make the rolls and then head out to mail a letter and play in the park.

Hurrah for summer.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Why isn't the kitchen done yet?


there are 4 very good reasons, and them some others that are cute and caught on camera.

There's been mud baths to take....
And time hanging out together on the swing.  I'd like to say no clothing was damaged in the the making of the mud pies, and thanks to the ensuite which backs onto the deck, no floors even needed mopping.
Some days we were just plain too tired!
Or needing some time to attend to personal hygiene! (this cute elephant outfit came from the lady who sold us the dishwasher)
As did Hope's new skates.  She wanted to wear them to bed, but I told her they wouldn't be comfortable!  Not one to be fazed, she appeared back a few minutes later and declared that she had tried it, and they really were very comfortable in bed!

And some days we just needed to go outside.  I made edible chalk paints so the babies could safely get in on the action, and we all had so much fun outside making markings all over the driveway )

We managed to get some school done outside too, number games are fun. 

Heidi recently studied Jackson Pollock at school so she spent lots of time flinging paint of the brush.  

And there;s been a non too small matter of a heap more paperwork for the children and me, as it turned out Tom's new shiny visa is only for him!!  We have always been granted ours coming into the country but applying inside of Canada is different apparently although I am still trying to discover how I was supposed to know that.  So, 3 very stressful and tiring days later,we've submitted our forms and pennies, and will Lord willing be legal again soon.  Please pray it processes quickly.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Foot update

Heidi was back in clinic today for her final (well till the Autumn) check up with her consultant.

The surgical result has been excellent, she now has a flexible deformity as apposed to her fixed deformity 6 weeks ago, but her gait is not great (she still rolls onto the side of her foot) and at rest the foot slides back to it's old shape.

It is not too surprising that fixing one thing has highlighted the other areas that are affected, and I was again reminded that we do not know the cause of the deformity in the first place.  Tom was recently commenting how amazing the body is.  She has undergone lots of tests, and they have not shown a reason why.  How wonderfully we are made.

So we start Physio at the childrens next week, with the same physio who treated Heidi's burns all those years ago.  He was surprised to see us in the waiting room this afternoon waiting for triage.  I am so grateful that she is able to be seen post op as an urgent case, as normal waiting time is 8-10 months!!  Next monday seems really close compared to that.

The other decision is that she will have a wedge in her shoe.  I am going to wait to talk with Physio next week to see if we can get her in to the hospital orthotics clinic in a timely fashion but if not then we will book her into one of the ones of the nice list I now have tucked away. 

The journey continues.  For His glory.