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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Why isn't the kitchen done yet?


there are 4 very good reasons, and them some others that are cute and caught on camera.

There's been mud baths to take....
And time hanging out together on the swing.  I'd like to say no clothing was damaged in the the making of the mud pies, and thanks to the ensuite which backs onto the deck, no floors even needed mopping.
Some days we were just plain too tired!
Or needing some time to attend to personal hygiene! (this cute elephant outfit came from the lady who sold us the dishwasher)
As did Hope's new skates.  She wanted to wear them to bed, but I told her they wouldn't be comfortable!  Not one to be fazed, she appeared back a few minutes later and declared that she had tried it, and they really were very comfortable in bed!

And some days we just needed to go outside.  I made edible chalk paints so the babies could safely get in on the action, and we all had so much fun outside making markings all over the driveway )

We managed to get some school done outside too, number games are fun. 

Heidi recently studied Jackson Pollock at school so she spent lots of time flinging paint of the brush.  

And there;s been a non too small matter of a heap more paperwork for the children and me, as it turned out Tom's new shiny visa is only for him!!  We have always been granted ours coming into the country but applying inside of Canada is different apparently although I am still trying to discover how I was supposed to know that.  So, 3 very stressful and tiring days later,we've submitted our forms and pennies, and will Lord willing be legal again soon.  Please pray it processes quickly.

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