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Friday, May 31, 2013

6 years ago today

A tiny girl was born.......

She turned one.....

Then two......

then three......

then four.

then 5.

I am struggling to wrap my head around the fact that my Heidi girl is 6 tomorrow.  I think the imminent arrival of the 5th Hindle baby is adding most of the emotion....5 babies in just over 6 years is mind blowing. What a blessing.

She went to sleep tonight dreaming of being Laura Ingills tomorrow ( I even found her name changed on her notepad to Laura recently).  There's an icecream patchwork quilt cake in the freezer, bonnets for all to wear at the party and nine patch quilt squares cut ready.  We plan to wash clothes on the washer board, make butter to have with our simple picnic and string beads together.  And all that is after her morning jaunt to the farm to have breakfast with the most precious of sweet friends who are un-expectantly in town. 

Heidi girl, we want you to know that we love you.  You are a blessing to our family and your siblings are blessed to have you as the oldest.  Although it is not always easy being in a big family remember that the Lord who made you, and knows you the best, placed you here with us because it is the very best place for you.  Your determination this year with your surgery, rehab, and learning to read has been a joy to watch.

Enjoy your birthday sweet one, try not to grow so fast this year......your Mama's heart feels like it can't take the pace of your growing up.  But you used to tell me with the best confidence ever, "God make me to grow." Yes he did, and it's a beautiful journey. 

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