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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Heidi Ingills 6th birthday

What a fun day, lots of excitement for Heidi.  Breakfast and kittens and friends for the morning.
And in the afternoon a Little House on the Prairie Party.
 We washed clothes with the washer board and hung them out to dry.

We  strung 'indian beads' together to make bracelets (inside because the weather turned on us and we have lots of warm green grass as a carpet!)
 The birthday girls effort.
 Then we made butter for the bread and cornbread muffins and ham and cheese and apple picnic.  The girls dod a great job.
 We kept the boys tucked up in their high chairs to save the girls from having their food taken!

Then pressies....
and cake.

She is happy and beautiful and sleeping peacefully in her bed. 

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