Morning time plans

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I have just spent a happy half hour looking at blogs of friends around the world and thought that I should give a little up date on my own. The other thing that I should do (when I figure out how) is to add the links to my blog, so that too can read the things I read!

We are under a fresh blanket of snow, it is getting a little boring now, spring could come any time soon and I would be happy. The temp has plummeted too so that's no fun. I had the nose hair freezing thing again this morning when I was out clearing paths. If you have never experienced it then you should be grateful and make a mental note not to come to Canada in the winter :)

My Mum sent me a card when we first arrived here, with this good advice. Find out what the Lord would have you do, and then defend it at all costs. My largest attacker of this is the discipline to say no and to take the time to do the things that I believe are my roles right now. They are, wife and mother (the two obvious ones) and then.....working as a MK support worker for Wycliffe, communicating with our supporters and starting up a company from home making bunting and some other coordinating accessories.

So there you have it. In black and white. And I really want to follow Mums advice and defend them ie do them, letting nothing steal them away from me, so that I can serve the Lord where he would have me be at this time.

The company is fun....and I hope to have the website up and running soon. We trust that it will allow me to stay at home with Heidi rather than going out to work, but this may change and just be a fun hobby. That will be seen in time.

Will keep you posted.....that's another of the things to defend!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

We had a really magical day in the mountains on Tuesday, including skating on Lake Louise which was the coolest thing.....there was even an ice castle middle of the skating rink. We also walked across the lake, and just missed the horse drawn sleigh ride (maybe next year). There had been an ice sculpture competition a couple of weekends before and they made impressive viewing too.

We helped friends move today (sat) in true Calgary style in the snow and -15! Not much fun when your fingers freeze, but good to do.

Heidi had her first experience of sticking with glue while making her Daddy a valentine card yest. She was so fascinated with the glue that I failed to get the concept across of putting the glue side down to stick it on, she just wanted to look at it!

We were given a starter for Amish friendship bread on Monday. It's cool, you add stuff, and then keep some of the mixture back, to make more bread in 10 days time, and give starter packs to friends, and then they make bread. The best thing is that it's more like cake than bread! Need to have an infinite supply of friends though!

Enjoy the pics, there are some lake Louise and some just family every shots.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

We are back.... and instead of making apologies for the lack of writing (some may be glad of that) I am just going to start up from today again without recapping on the whole of the trip to England. Having said that, it was a fantastic time but I am sorry that I missed seeing one person that was planned.

Today has been a beautiful reminder that the spring always follows the winter, with 11 degrees temp and brilliant sunshine. We are due for minus temps tomorrow and snow again, so we treasured it all the more. Heidi was no longer a blonde but a dusty grey when she came in from playing in the front garden while we drank coffee on the front porch, terribly civilised I know!

I am also struck about how quickly things change, and need to be sure that each day is lived to honour God and his calling on my life. Making sure that the most important thing is kept the most important thing.