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Thursday, February 5, 2009

We are back.... and instead of making apologies for the lack of writing (some may be glad of that) I am just going to start up from today again without recapping on the whole of the trip to England. Having said that, it was a fantastic time but I am sorry that I missed seeing one person that was planned.

Today has been a beautiful reminder that the spring always follows the winter, with 11 degrees temp and brilliant sunshine. We are due for minus temps tomorrow and snow again, so we treasured it all the more. Heidi was no longer a blonde but a dusty grey when she came in from playing in the front garden while we drank coffee on the front porch, terribly civilised I know!

I am also struck about how quickly things change, and need to be sure that each day is lived to honour God and his calling on my life. Making sure that the most important thing is kept the most important thing.

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Lowri said...

So glad your trip was a success and you had a great time. I hope you weren't too exhausted when you got back!
Our weather here has gone all Canadian! It's snowing lots, getting dark early, and has really been quite beautiful at times, it did rain today, but we're due another big snowfall tonight. How exicting!

P.S. The word verification thingy for this comment is woopines! that really tickled me!