Morning time plans

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Kitchen reno pics

I love this shade of green, it changes according to the time of day from tan-green to grey-green.  

 And I love this little peek a boo girl and her grubby hands on my brand new gorgeous wall!
 The big cream space on the right it the last bit that will be done as my reward for the hard work.  It's going to be a floor to ceiling black board and I can't wait. 
 The second half doors are off. 
 Love the green with the white.
We're all learning new skills here.  Thought Gran would like to see Heidi is a dab hand at a screw driver.......put it safely away now that she's put the drawer handle on safely.  Don't want any doors removed today :)
There's a grandparents sized amount of photos here, and I am kicking myself for not having Hosea dressed!!  I couldn't get it down to any less, they all look so happy and carefree that I love them all.  They're about a week old, we currently have no snow and 19 degrees forecast by the end of the week. 
I was going to upload them yest, but happily remembered that my dear husband was speaking at a conference (multi time frame so Tom's slot was 9-10pm) and that he may want all our bandwidth before I did it.  (As they are all over the world it's a virtual conference, and he has to attend from 7am for the morning and then 7.30 pm till 10 pm.)  Hurrah for my brain kicking in in time and not spoiling a lot of his hard work.
Was at the midwife today and all well with 5.  Took the twins too and they were much admired by all.  And why wouldn't they?  Almost hard to believe that I am almost 32 weeks.  Good job I know how to construct the travel cot quickly!!

Monday, April 22, 2013

making boats, in our pyjama's, because we can :)

One of the things I love about home schooling is you can call a pj day when you wake up to a spring snow fall and the kitchen is in the middle of being renovated.  
 Early on in the pj day when you discover everyone playing quietly, so you creep off to do some school with the sweet kindergarten student before anyone is going to miss you and decide that although the car was really fun to play with 10 seconds ago, some lap or some arms or some snacks would be far better!  Actually the best defense is sometimes to do things in the open, so sneaking this time was only to get the books and do it at the kitchen table, so that there was no commotion of moving downstairs.
 And when you look up, from phonics or maths or something else, you realize that the three year old is busy cutting and taping and declares that she making a boat.  Hope worked at hers for hours, all the time Heidi was in school, the tape supply was somewhat depleted after it all, but we had a happy proud girly instead.  And Heidi was super motivated to get through her work so that she too could raid the recycling supplies. 
 We floated them in the sink before lunch and watched the progress over the course of the next hour. 

Hopes boat.....
 Heidi's boat.  It featured a smaller base to start with but quickly went to this.  The mast was yet another of my broken wooden spoons.  This on bit the dust while being used by Hope :) 

As lunch progressed Hope got concerned hers was going to sink, so Heidi's quickly became a car ferry, and all was well :)

By the end of rest time, they had both sunk completely out of sight!!!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

We've been a bit quiet round here because we have finally started our kitchen renovation!!!  Argh.  Talk about a lot of work, but non of it is too hard, just time consuming.  But, there are minutes in the day to squeeze out and so nap time is painting time, and after the kids snuggle down is painting time and pretty much the rest of the day is normal. 

Normal for us I mean!!

Few shots of things at the mo, we are a bit further on, but I don't have any photo's of the doors done yet.   

Cabinets are going from cream to white!

We are almost ready to rehang the first 9 doors.  Who knew it would be ok to have pantry food all over the bedroom floor while the doors are getting painted.  I really do have a very patient husband :)

Birthday fun

We had a gentle day and then out for dinner with the gang.  Super cute to see them all enjoy the treat. . I very much love this restaurant, and when you have a voucher and kids it free on a Monday it's an easy choice :)

 The rotated picture thing is really irritating me now....hope you have more patience than me!


Thursday, April 4, 2013

She's clean

First shower in 3 weeks.
Shiny clean hair braided for maximum curliness tomorrow.
Coop school back tomorrow so early bed for all :)

When little boys have to grow up

Haircuts happened in our house on Sat morning, and there were tears!  Some of them were secret in the shower (great timing Mum) and some were not so subtle.  But all were smiling afterwards, as they looked so smart. 

Phinn looks great......

And Hosea does too.
And from the front you can't see a difference.

Easter day

A few snap shots, not everything was gets busy!
The boys gave us the run around all night, so we were looking for activities to fill the time while parents caught up on sleep!
 Decorating Easter eggs and some foam sticker things fitted the bill nicely, and Heidi was a big helper with the boys, they love sticking stickers!
 Ressurection cookies and the rest of the bible account before breakfast.  Really, what's the difference between meringue and chocolate?  They really were hollow so the empty tomb was there!
 Easter egg hunt, the plastic ones are crazy critters, with sweets inside....lots of ongoing fun finding them and putting the ladybird one in with the ladybirds the girls were collecting. 
 Eggs that were blue!! Good friends treated the kids to one each of their Easter egger's.  I was so long taking picks that the yolks were too hard for the soldiers, but my kids are used to that and were very kind!  We always have these cool egg cozy's and Heidi always has a bunny, Hope always has an owl and the boys always have the bears. 
 The boys were more than pleased with their eggs.  Phinn started his when Hosea was asleep.  No idea how to get the pic round the right way, which is a shame as it is so good of Phinn and Tom.  LOVED is an understatement to them and their eggs. 
When Hosea woke up he got his.  

It really was too much for Phinn.  If I'd got it on video the wailing was something else.  Oh the trials of being a twin!
For those of you that find this kind of thing interesting here's what we had underneath the plaster.  For those who are squeamish, don't scroll down any further.  Heidi looks and touches now though....there's your challenge :)
She is taking some good steps with her foot all the way down with a nice low arch, but it will be a while till she's running with abandonment.  The result is good when she puts it down completely.  I had forgotten that her toes were different sizes so it is not the exact dramatic look I guess we would have been hoping for.  But 3 weeks post surgery, it's amazing. 
God is good.


Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Foot update update!

Well we have two fine looking feet walking around the house.

Heidi did so well this morning, being brave even when she was frightened, and working hard to remember our code word of trust.  Trust, God who had this day planned, trust the doctor who knows what he's doing, trust that Mum will hold her hand.

Hope had the best response when she saw the incision, oooo, yuck!  Not entirely helpful but honest.

She is more cautious than before, but is getting there and proudly told me that she touched one of the pokey out bits (stitches).

Now, if only she would go to sleep things would be good!

Thank you for praying.

Foot update

Heidi's cast is broken and starting to rub, so I called the hospital this morning.

End result is that we have an appointment with our consultant in 90 mins....that's a dash home for Tom, a quick turn around and then a decision to be made by Dr Harder as to whether it comes off or stays on.

The upshot of this is that Heidi is frightened.  And she would like to ask people to pray. We have talked about how this is an exciting day really,  it's anther step in the road to her new foot and it has been planned and ordained by God for his glory.  All of the fear we had of how she would cope post surgery disappeared when we saw how well she was doing, and Heidi was confident in her cast.

Now she needs confidence that without the cast the one who made her and has carried her through so far remains the same. 

Thank you for praying.