Morning time plans

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

We've been a bit quiet round here because we have finally started our kitchen renovation!!!  Argh.  Talk about a lot of work, but non of it is too hard, just time consuming.  But, there are minutes in the day to squeeze out and so nap time is painting time, and after the kids snuggle down is painting time and pretty much the rest of the day is normal. 

Normal for us I mean!!

Few shots of things at the mo, we are a bit further on, but I don't have any photo's of the doors done yet.   

Cabinets are going from cream to white!

We are almost ready to rehang the first 9 doors.  Who knew it would be ok to have pantry food all over the bedroom floor while the doors are getting painted.  I really do have a very patient husband :)

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