Morning time plans

Monday, August 19, 2013

This was published for me today.

Click the link to take a read.

Praise God for his sovereign will, and for little ones sleeping to recharge batteries :)

Little boys make pizza

I found myself in the rare position of only having the twins to look after.  John was sleeping and the girls were playing next door. 
We made pizza together.  The made their own, and I made everyone elses.  Seems fair!

The challenge was providing Phinn with more toppings than he could eat before I got it in the oven. 

Don't they look grown up?

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Every baby is the sweetest and the best-Marilla Cuthbert

My good friend Lowri taught the art of using Anne of Green Gable quotes in letters, I thought I'd expand to blog land. 
It seems that no matter how often I gaze at this wee man he seems to be the sweetest and the best.
That is until I look in the sweet face of one of his siblings, and I know that it is true.  Each have been my baby, and each one is a unique and beautiful gift.
(Heidi was out getting her orthotic fitted during this impromptu 'lets love John session' hence she is not in the pics).


Monday, August 5, 2013

Fun treat

The kids enjoyed a special treat last weekend when Tom was in Edmonton sitting his English exam.  As soon as we get the results we need to resubmit our Permanent residency application.
Phinn's head is the result of an argument with the fireplace.....the Children's hospital A&E kindly glued it back together for us.  It's looking great already a week later.