Morning time plans

Friday, June 25, 2010

Right priorities, for Heidi anyway :)

Me: 'Hopie, you lie here (under her play arch), Heidi and I are working in here.'
Heidi: 'I am working to colour my picture!'

Mmmn not quite the work I was thinking of, but I guess her chores can wait!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

First sweetie necklace

Mr Lazy Bones

I had just settled on the sofa to watch the thunderstorm and do some web surfing. But I stared by checking my google reader, read the Girltalk entry for today and found the free download from the Sovereign Grace kids album , Walking with the Wise. The song is entitled Lazy Bones, it's a lot of fun, but and after listening I'm off to finish cleaning my house!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Learning new skills

Hopie watching the world cup!

Life has been super busy here.
We have been watching the world cup, but not with the excitement that we had hoped!
We have been hanging out with friends, and sharing some good times watching children playing and laughing in the sunshine.
And we have been helping friends to lay a laminate floor! This has been an involved kind of help, of late nights and early mornings and other people babysitting your kids kind of help. And I have learnt to use a table saw and a chop saw and a mitre saw and a jigsaw and how to measure and fit and bang into place with a rubber mallet! It has been really good fun, and I am excited to have learned something new. I guess the main problem is I have no idea what the power tools are called in the UK. Guess I cant do any floors at home!
So now I think we should return to some kind of steady gentle life, to recover and to take stock and get back into the routine of a day in the Hindle house.
At least for tomorrow, there's an England game on at breakfast time on Wednesday....

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A normal Wednesday

Today we helped 3 bears slide down a rainbow, gave several creatures rides on the back of the horse with a bride(bridle) made out of a belt, pasted meatballs to spaghetti, kites to strings, flowers to stems and ball on a seals nose, sang songs, tries to holler as loud as we could, wrote our names and Daddy's name, ate yoghurt tubes curled up under a blanket, dressed up like a cowboy and fireman and princess all at once and when we could stand the rain no longer got into our wet weather/snow gear and splashed in the puddles while avoiding the worms!
What did you do today?

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

How did this happen

I'm not sure how I missed this but our Hopie girl can sit up for short periods of time! Time marches on. Please excuse the washing in the least it's folded and only the kitchen cloths!

Monday, June 14, 2010

'Mum, please I have a yogurt tube?'

Me:'not right now, perhaps after lunch'. It was 9 am after all.

She toddled off down the stairs, I heard her pause and come back up.

'But Mum' never a good start to a sentence in my mind....

'I think I love them!'

Nice try sweetie but you still had to wait till after your nap!!!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Lunch in the Hindle house

The sounds a bit loud and the focus a little dodgy, but you get the idea!

PS Hope pretty much sleeping the night since moving in with Heidi. Hurray :)
Our veggie garden is starting to grow. The peas and radishes poked their heads up last week and the tomatoes are doing ok. Just waiting for the beans and beetroot and 7 of the 10 strawberries to do something!
Must learn patience.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

All grown up

Our little one has moved out....of our room and into the 'girls room' for a forever sleepover with her adoring big sister. We shall see how it goes. I suspect I will have 2 girls awake early but who knows.
I am sort of putting off going to bed cos I'll miss the little sighs in the night and the slight tossing and turning and the sound of her sucking on her fingers. But, on the other hand, I am looking forward to having the light on when I want to see where I left my pj's, and to be able to get my clothes out in the morning without holding my breath in a will I wake her kind of way. She has been such a different baby to Heidi, (who couldn't sleep the night at all) as she has only ever woken to feed at night and go right back to sleep. It's been so relaxing to know that when she gets put back into bed you can switch off because you really will be able to go back to sleep. Oh I am rambling on a bit!

She is also starting on food and has been enjoying the delights of banana, melon, carrots and broccoli, and a taste of whipped cream which she screamed for more of!.

Never a dull moment.

Speaking of which I was sitting with Heidi on the couch yesterday and said 'you have beautiful legs'. 'Thank you' came the reply, 'you have bumpy legs'. What is there as a reply to that?

Thursday, June 3, 2010

4 brits in one house!

Hopie's passport arrived today. Hurrah. It means that she is now a British Citizen (what could be more cool!?) and also that I managed to fill in the complicated forms correctly!

My neighbour was over this morning and the UPS man was outside our house (we live opposite). She dashed out of our house to collect her parcel from the guy.

Well this afternoon I was over at her house helping her throw out a lot of stuff (oh how I love to get rid of other peoples things!) when the UPS van pulled up again. I dashed out of her house as he made his way up my path and called out I'm over here!

He looked at me and my house, and then looked toward Lorraine's. Wasn't she in your house this morning he asked. It was funny. What I want to know is why didn't both parcels come this morning or this afternoon?

Still, our Hopie has a means to travel, and it was just a little emotional to look at the words British Citizen on the page.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Heidi's 3rd Birthday

How did we celebrate our little girls birthday....

Well. We started with chocolate as per request. But straight chocolate didn't seem very responsible so we settled for chocolate croissants, which the big girl made :)

and then settled in to eat them all up from the Easter plates that I forgot to use at Easter, still special days call for special plates!

Then opening some presents and a spot of dressing up....the start of many hours of fun I hope.
Ballerina meets Minnie mouse

Ballerina meets cowboy!

Then Heidi went out for lunch with Tom while Little Jones and I got all in order for the Teddy Bears Picnic....and Hope got to dress up in the birthday hat :)

And so the afternoon was a teddy bears party. It was so fun for set up the room ready to inspire small minds to play.

Then the troups were let loose!

Then we made party hats for the bears, and someone was pretty pleased with the results!

and the whole group looked pretty cute too!

We did another craft, making teddy bear paper dolls, super cute!

Then it was time for the pinata.

It was a lot of fun, filled with sweets, hair clips and bands, mini gel pens, stickers, animal shaped elastic bands and flowers (they were just to make it look pretty!).

And then lastly food, and cakes. Yum.

We have had a fun day of celebrating the gift to us of our Heidi girl. She has had a lot of fun and really enjoyed her day.

But I am certainly glad we don't have birthday parties everyday!