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Monday, June 21, 2010

Learning new skills

Hopie watching the world cup!

Life has been super busy here.
We have been watching the world cup, but not with the excitement that we had hoped!
We have been hanging out with friends, and sharing some good times watching children playing and laughing in the sunshine.
And we have been helping friends to lay a laminate floor! This has been an involved kind of help, of late nights and early mornings and other people babysitting your kids kind of help. And I have learnt to use a table saw and a chop saw and a mitre saw and a jigsaw and how to measure and fit and bang into place with a rubber mallet! It has been really good fun, and I am excited to have learned something new. I guess the main problem is I have no idea what the power tools are called in the UK. Guess I cant do any floors at home!
So now I think we should return to some kind of steady gentle life, to recover and to take stock and get back into the routine of a day in the Hindle house.
At least for tomorrow, there's an England game on at breakfast time on Wednesday....

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