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Thursday, June 3, 2010

4 brits in one house!

Hopie's passport arrived today. Hurrah. It means that she is now a British Citizen (what could be more cool!?) and also that I managed to fill in the complicated forms correctly!

My neighbour was over this morning and the UPS man was outside our house (we live opposite). She dashed out of our house to collect her parcel from the guy.

Well this afternoon I was over at her house helping her throw out a lot of stuff (oh how I love to get rid of other peoples things!) when the UPS van pulled up again. I dashed out of her house as he made his way up my path and called out I'm over here!

He looked at me and my house, and then looked toward Lorraine's. Wasn't she in your house this morning he asked. It was funny. What I want to know is why didn't both parcels come this morning or this afternoon?

Still, our Hopie has a means to travel, and it was just a little emotional to look at the words British Citizen on the page.

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