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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

All grown up

Our little one has moved out....of our room and into the 'girls room' for a forever sleepover with her adoring big sister. We shall see how it goes. I suspect I will have 2 girls awake early but who knows.
I am sort of putting off going to bed cos I'll miss the little sighs in the night and the slight tossing and turning and the sound of her sucking on her fingers. But, on the other hand, I am looking forward to having the light on when I want to see where I left my pj's, and to be able to get my clothes out in the morning without holding my breath in a will I wake her kind of way. She has been such a different baby to Heidi, (who couldn't sleep the night at all) as she has only ever woken to feed at night and go right back to sleep. It's been so relaxing to know that when she gets put back into bed you can switch off because you really will be able to go back to sleep. Oh I am rambling on a bit!

She is also starting on food and has been enjoying the delights of banana, melon, carrots and broccoli, and a taste of whipped cream which she screamed for more of!.

Never a dull moment.

Speaking of which I was sitting with Heidi on the couch yesterday and said 'you have beautiful legs'. 'Thank you' came the reply, 'you have bumpy legs'. What is there as a reply to that?

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