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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Heidi's 3rd Birthday

How did we celebrate our little girls birthday....

Well. We started with chocolate as per request. But straight chocolate didn't seem very responsible so we settled for chocolate croissants, which the big girl made :)

and then settled in to eat them all up from the Easter plates that I forgot to use at Easter, still special days call for special plates!

Then opening some presents and a spot of dressing up....the start of many hours of fun I hope.
Ballerina meets Minnie mouse

Ballerina meets cowboy!

Then Heidi went out for lunch with Tom while Little Jones and I got all in order for the Teddy Bears Picnic....and Hope got to dress up in the birthday hat :)

And so the afternoon was a teddy bears party. It was so fun for set up the room ready to inspire small minds to play.

Then the troups were let loose!

Then we made party hats for the bears, and someone was pretty pleased with the results!

and the whole group looked pretty cute too!

We did another craft, making teddy bear paper dolls, super cute!

Then it was time for the pinata.

It was a lot of fun, filled with sweets, hair clips and bands, mini gel pens, stickers, animal shaped elastic bands and flowers (they were just to make it look pretty!).

And then lastly food, and cakes. Yum.

We have had a fun day of celebrating the gift to us of our Heidi girl. She has had a lot of fun and really enjoyed her day.

But I am certainly glad we don't have birthday parties everyday!


Lowri said...

this has to be the best birthday ever! Esther those photos are so adorable they make me feel all warm adn fuzzy, and a little bit sad that you're all so far away. So glad it was such a good day - I hope my parcel for the little princess arrived in time.

P.S. Can you make me a tutu like Heidi's?!?!

Tom, Esther, Heidi and Hope Hindle said...

any time :)