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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Awake and not crying! Hope finally gets to play with some toys.

Our good news of this week is that she has finally stopped losing weight, and has put on a whopping 8 oz! The Lord is good.
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Monday, December 28, 2009

Was about to blog, but saved by the baby....time for milk :)

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Wishing you all a Happy Christmas and a blessed New Year

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas Crafts

We had a lot of fun this afternoon, at least Heidi did! And her little sister Hope got to 'watch me doing crafts!'
Needless to say a shower was in order afterwards. Happy times.
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Friday, December 18, 2009

Saturday, December 12, 2009

So I guess an element of explanation is in order!

Hope Ruby Hindle was born at home on Wed. 9th December at 20.30 weighing in at 8lb9oz. She has been a joy to have in the house, and has performed her 3 required tasks daily of eating, filling her nappy and sleeping with skill.

It was a wonderful privilege to have her at home, with 2 midwifes in attendance, as well as Tom and a good friend Holly. Heidi was able to be at home all day playing with her new sticker book, and the Lord answered my prayers that I would have time between contractions to get her to bed myself at 7. She settled almost immediately and the contractions kicked off big time at just after 7. I can say that I never wish to repeat any of the 90 mins again! but it was a relatively easy birth. What was so beautiful is never having to have left the house, I could just pop through to our ensuite, and then come back to my bed, where Tom and I had all the time in the world to gaze at our beautiful gift. All in attendance had gone by 12.30 and we had a good nights sleep (as in good for a new born in the house!).

Her big sister came in in the morning and climbed into bed in front of me to lie and gaze at "my baby sister came". She was excited to see her hands and her ears and that she moved and made tiny noises. But 10 mins were enough and she sat up and asked to go downstairs and eat her breakfast! But I was thrilled that I could take my big girl downstairs and do something normal!

So, we have been blessed with two small girls, precious gifts to raise to know the one who gave them life, and who is the source of life everlasting. PLease join us in praying that this will be true for both our girls, they will grow to realise their need of the saviour, and turn to the Lord and be saved.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Here'a a link to the wedding photos of the wedding that I helped at, so you can get a look at the dresses and bouquets and some of the decorations. The one of me not so flattering.....

PS no baby yet, but sure she will be here soon!

Monday, November 30, 2009

The snow had mostly melted this morning, and we were due for a pleasant 7 degrees.

So I am more than thrilled with the minus temperatures and the falling white stuff, it certainly does look pretty but makes things just so much more complicated! I guess I'll have to get used to it again.

I am trying to be patient waiting for this little ones arrival, but I have to say, anytime soon would be great. Her little cradle was built today, and is looking tiny in one sense and huge in another. I put a tiny nappy in and some little clothes to try and imagine, but I can't get my head round it. Soon enough, and in the Lords perfect timing. There are things to look forward to and get done before then, so here's a list, lets see how I do before 'birth' day.

  • go out for dinner with friends to the revolving restaurant on the top of the Calgary tower...booked for tomorrow night so likely to make this one.
  • have a hair cut
  • make a princess dress for some small princess in my house for Christmas
  • Christmas cards for UK ( I think I have already missed the post date!) Sorry
  • Christmas shopping
  • Tom's birthday bash, small thing on Sunday, and then big 5 a side match on the 19th (after the due date but how likely is it that I'll be in labour during 2 and 4 on that date?)
  • keep my house clean and tidy enough for a home birth!
  • get my Christmas tree up (and last years gone)
  • go out for dinner with Tom for his birthday
  • upload photos from the wedding

That will do for now......

Friday, November 27, 2009

My monkey is space walking around the back yard in all her snow gear, the possible flurries have turned into an inch in a few minutes, who knows how deep it will get.
Still she is happy, outside by herself sampling (s)'now'.
Will be just typical to go into labour today when the roads will be gridlocked!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

The bouquets are done, and so am I.

Pics to follow at a more sensible hour. They have turned out very well though and I am really excited about the wedding tomorrow, and the rest that comes after.

Must sleep, morning coming quickly :)

And, I got a black eye today by opening a car door onto it. Cut between my eyelid and eyebrow. I am grateful for the half inch that means my eye is just fine. Best not give birth now though, would look really bad in the pics for me to have a black eye!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Our small girl got a chance to ride a horse for the first time on Sat. There was much joy felt and expressed by her. "I'm a cowboy!" is what she called out as soon as the horse started to walk and she was relaxed and confident and happy. She did ask when she would fall off, poor Emily assured her she wouldn't let her fall off, to which I had to explain, no she thinks she is Rodeo riding, and falling off is all part of the fun! There is time for that!

The wedding is in less than a week and there is much to do, but time to do it all in too.

And, the freezer is well stocked with ice, so that will help too :)

Thursday, November 5, 2009

We have a classic well loved and repeated story in my family, the punch line of which is 'minnie look-ed after John and me that day'. Little did I know that yesterday we would have the new version, straight from my babes mouth.

Heidi was playing in the suitcase on the bed (!) and said to me "Mummy, you's a princess" flattered I said, "oh" to which she replied "in your's picture you's a princess". Tom and I have a wedding photo on a shelf in our room. Cute I thought and left it there.

"I no comes that day" she pipes up from the suitcase. Now, I knew the funny story of old and in no way wanted to prompt anything, so I smiles and continued putting away laundry.

" I was ats Grandads house" and there is was, the best reason of the day to go and hug my little girl and thank the Lord for her and all she is, and that her brain is developing as it should. May I never forget to be gratful for the sweet times that we have together as she tries to figure out the world and how it is that the one day her Mum was a princess she missed it!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

It is indeed true that it is either famine or feast for this blog, but I really am going to try and get to it regularly.

Tom went off to Dallas this afternoon for a language software conference, it is the first trip that Heidi has been aware of Daddy going on an airplane and has been asking all afternoon if we can call Daddy yet and am I sad, and saying "I miss Daddy". Still she will adapt and greatly enjoy the adventures we have planned for the next 10 days.

We went to a midwife appointment this afternoon and all is going and growing well. I was thrilled to meet the new member of the team this afternoon as she is a lovely Christian lady who will in all probability be at the birth. God is very good. So as long as I can keep a handle on my carrot consumption all should go well. Note to all, a pound of carrots in a single afternoon is too much! I did not feel well the next day!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Hand update

We were back at the children's hospital for a check up today, all is going well. They think that the remaining pink in the scars is due to Heidi being so fair. And she is checked into clinic with the plastic surgeon in November just for the final follow up and hopefully discharge.
I was shocked today so realise that is is 7 months since Heidi was burnt. We have so much to be thankful for in the time that has elapsed.

I am thankful that I am beginning to look forward to the coming winter. I have been reminded of some really good times last winter when being warm in the house, eating warming food and generally spending more time just 'visiting' with others. Each season (the physical ones as well as the other ones like early motherhood or old age) is given for a reason, and I am praying that I can learn to be content in all circumstances, not just the ones that I like. I have been able to enjoy some very restful days, and am trying to store up a treasure chest of memories of this time with Heidi before we welcome the new baby. The thanksgiving holiday is on Monday, so we are preparing for having freinds over. It is a welcome reminder to pause and be thankful for all that the Lord has done for us.

It was also the day of cute words, Heidi was given a bear in the burns department, as she is a burns patient. It is yellow with "parkles" and has been named Junior. She also was a happy dessert girl, her donut has "pinkles"!

Monday, October 5, 2009

4th October 2009

Not quite sure about it, but after much hinting of "Mum look, my snow pants"and "Mum I will need mittens", she finally said, "Mum I want to go outside!"
Snowman, or snowy owl? Believe it or not her first snow man, the snow is normally too dry to make things with.
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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

See, she really is a flag girl!

Posted by PicasaThanks Granny and Grandad. Was it bought to match the horse, or to state, yippee, I'm Welsh and proud of it :)

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Weather forecast

We're forecast for snow on Sat.

It may or may not happen but just the mention has dealt a blow to my approach of 'don't think about it and it wont happen'. :(

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Bargin shopping, 2 year old style!

It was the day for chores, including the supermarket.

The trip is always improved in Canada by, the provision of free chocolate chip cookies to any child under 12. The bakery is at the back, just before the final push through the fruit and veg and then home! Great bribery tool and Heidi is finally able to eat one without wearing it too.

So imagine her joy, when, cookie safely tucked away in her tummy, we take the unexpected turn down to frozen juice (yes I mean that, strange country I know) and there is a nice lady handing out free ice lollies. It was all in the balance of shall we shant we, because as mentioned earlier today we had a princess for a daughter (!) and she was dressed like one. But never fear, the perfect toddler day was unfolding and they were new spangly non drip slow melt ones, that mean no mess, and she was allowed to have one.

On to the check outs, passing on the way the much desired Upsie Daisy doll. Still half price, so we have the whole do you want to spend your money on this, when it's gone it's gone chat, and decide that yes, the doll is the ultimate friend and must have item.

On to the till to pay, with the envelope marked Heidi's money that lives safely in Daddy's wallet. Except that the doll rings through twice the price that it is advertised at, and seems a ridiculous price. Again, the perfect day is unfolding. All we said was oh, that was on the shelf at 9.99, and because the nice lady in the nice store (we went to Airdrie) was from customer services she was on the ball. There is a price code here that states if the item rings up wrong, you get it for the right price, with up to $10 off. So our 9.99 doll is 9.99 minus 9.99, leaving a grand total of 47c tax! Heidi was confused why the nice lady wouldn't take her sweaty $20 note, and her Mum was scrabbling in the envelope for loose change, but was happy to have the doll and run.

So who knows what tomorrow will bring..... and who knows what we are going to spend the money on now :)
We currently have a princess in our house, who is insistent that she is a cowboy/bull rider/flag girl/stunt rider, and is scarily able to impersonate each one. Amazing how many things a piece of string can be! At this exact moment she is giving Beep and Evie turns on the horse and teaching them a song about saying thank you horsey!

The mammoth dress making week has gone, with the result of 2 dresses on their way to a wedding in the states next Sunday. Now we have to review the skirt style and make 3 more for the wedding I am helping with in November. Fun times. The only downside of this week was the 34 degree day when I ironed over 120 foot of fabric. Had to keep washing my hands so I didn't sweat on the silk. Nice.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Quote of the day

to Tom "I likes your eyeballs"

Happy Days!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Pregnant brain!

Heidi started Sunday school this Sunday just past. I was a tad emotional dropping her off to the room full of other children, and she did not make it easy, walking bravely to the front to find a seat for the beginning part, kind of hugging herself as she went and looking back at me for reassurance. I made adult bible class myself looking a little glassy eyed, but pulled it together.

Until that is, a friend came to tell me that there was a little puddle by Heidi and could I come!

I was surprised that she had leaked out of her nappy, but it is not unheard of, and wandered down to get her and change her.

To my horror on the way to get her, I realised that I could not remember putting a nappy on her that morning !!!! Little puddle was an understatement....the poor girl. I felt dreadful but really she is none the wiser and everyone else in her class is so little they all were too!

Needless to say I have provided entertainment for all in the church, so thought I may as well give you all a laugh too!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

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Wow, it's been a long time since I blogged. I smiled reading the last post, the kitty had died by 1.30 the next morning! Somewhat embaressing when cat sitting but one of those things.

We have had a busy and fun summer with guest for almost 3 months all tolled. With the change in the wind though things are quieting down and we are set for slower pace of life at least for the months leading up to someones arrival.

The garden has been a great sucess, with lots of peas, beans and tomatoes each in turn, and now the carrots are ready to come. They are not the biggest you'll find, but seeing Heidi's joy and excitement that we are digging real life edible carrots out the ground has made them a sucess.

Our deck is ready and waiting for the stain to go on this week. Tom's Dad did the majority of the back breaking scrapping of the old paint, and we have sanded it down, and then borrowed a power washer to get it all dust free. Fun fun fun. The funniest thing was when Heidi went out when we were finally done and said 'deck all clean'.

Friday, August 7, 2009

The sun is back out, and that means that I get to use my new washing line all day tomorrow!

Our tiny kitty is doing ok. We are cat sitting until lunchtime on Monday, so who knows how much milk we'll manage to get in her! But the big green eyed monster is out with Heidi. "No want cat, no want baby sister!" Fun to come :)

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Grey grey grey. That is the overwhelming thought in how to describe us right now. It really should only apply to the weather, but it always sends me reaching a good book and some hot chocolate.

But surely the sun will shine again soon, and we are grateful for many things, not least of all that is is incredibly rare for it to be a grey day. Our friends really cannot imagine that this is normal for a lot of the UK year.

So the sunshine things in our life include:
Our new tiny child is growing well and beginning to make her presence felt often, all be it only for my benefit at the moment. It is a miracle of the Fathers design and we are thankful for her life. You can imagine the fun her Daddy is having thinking of names, watch this space. Sometime around Christmas all will be revealed.

Our older girl is so funny at times it is hard not to smile. She walked into the kitchen on Sunday morning and said " So, how you doing Mama?" She has become quite obsessed with Stampede horses as she calls them and can be seen \riding her rocking horse, her stuffed toy or her Daddy's back. She has just taken to waving a flag since she saw the flag riders at the Rodeo on Sat. I really thought that she would be bored after short time at the Rodeo and planned to take her for a walk round the grounds for some, but she was rooted to the spot for the whole thing. She no thinks horses can jump....mmmn when in the bareback bucking section!

And.....I am getting to help plan another wedding, which for me really is the most fun you can have.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Stampede has come to the city again, and as last year we headed down to the parade to watch the 800 horses and others, including the bull coming through the city. It was basically the same as last year so for a full report you can re-read that one!

The only additional adventure we had was 2 of the wheels falling off the pushchair during the walk down. The front one is normal the back one not so good. So the time has come, and we are looking at new ones. We checked a few out today, but I think I'll take Tom to see the original one I liked, just had to make sure we didn't like any others more.

Wednesday was Canada and a holiday, (except for Tom who alongside the other in his team had to work). Heidi and I joined friends canoeing on a lake and had a wonderful time. We even got to see a pair of loons, the national bird of Canada. We hope to canoe every week this summer. Good ambition at least!

I had my first and I aim last ever filling on Thursday this week. Our dentist was so good that it was quick and painless...well apart from the injection and the aching jaw when the anaesthetic wore off. SO much better than I imagined but still not my long term plan to have any more done........unless I can time it for Wimbledon again......

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I realised that as I log onto other friends blogs to check in on them, I am dreadfully slow at updating my own.

We have had a fun day, including a lie in, and moving some friends from their flat in the middle of the downtown core (always hairy driving to get there!) to a town house not far from there. Heidi was at our house with friends looking after them, so it was just Tom and I and the Jones moving. Good fun, but very hard work for the men especially. The best bit of the day though was coming home to one of Nicole amazing BBQ's at our house, so we were sorted for supper! Perfect.

The veggie garden is growing, although I am not too sure why the carrots refuse to come up in the straight little furrow that I dug for them and carefully placed the seeds in, but are flourishing where Heidi dropped the seed packet!! So in truth I have a big patch of carrots at the beginning of the radish row. Must get some pics. I realised that this all sounds impressive, it is very small scale, but I am looking forward to picking peas :)

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day

Apologies to our Dad's who are the victims of forgetful children living on the other side of the world.

Love you Dad

Monday, June 15, 2009

We made it through, and are back down to one child for the night.

But tomorrow we join our friends on a camping trip, with 19 children and 5 adults! I think I'll need to sleep for a week when I get back. Home again Friday :)

Saturday, June 13, 2009

and then there were 5!

We are looking after friends 4 children for a long weekend. Life is very full, but fun.
Not too sure what else to say, I guess I am too tired!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Blowing out candles

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Heidi turns 2!!!

We have had a fun day, (most of it anyway) by a two years standards.

Presents this morning, not too early, followed by breakfast which included strawberries ( a treat!)
Then off to the garage to get the car fixed. This was the not so much fun part of the day, but there were cartoons in the dealership so no matter, Heidi thought it was all a big treat.
Then picked up Daddy from work to play play play.
Lots of phone calls to UK while playing with new toys and opening more pressies.
Lunch, real favourite of boiled eggs and veg..... I should be glad it's so simple!
Nap, much needed by the time it came
Friends came over to sing Happy Birthday and were able to stay for birthday tea and cake
Went to the park with friends and Daddy for a whole hour while the house was made presentable and the cake was made.
Birthday tea, wait for it, Macaroni Cheese, yet more veg, and cheesy bread sticks, followed by cupcake birthday cakes.
Bubble bath....much needed and enjoyed
New story books read
Bed (my favourite bit!)

So, all in all not the most amazing sounding day, but boy did she enjoy it.

The only difference between today and many other good days is the switch that seems to have been flicked in her head last night. NO NO NO, and Heidi do it are all frequent words, but continually all day!!!! So, what I want to know is, who told her what turning 2 meant!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

The grand old age of 30 has hit..... hard! Only kidding.

Life seems to be getting so busy that there never seems to be time to keep on top of things. I am certainly looking forward to getting a rest when Mum and Dad arrive on Sat. (yippeeee)

Church has started an ESL Bible study which I am getting to be a part of in a small way. We had a lot of fun getting to know the 9 people who are attending last week and look forward to meeting up each week.

This is cool, Tom is coaching football for the short Canadian season. We have entered a word of equipment pick ups, drill planning and figuring out which pitch we have been assigned. Not sure why all this we business but I am a nosy sort of person and will pop along just to have a gander! The kit bag comes complete with the coaches jersey the same as the boys one. Cool I think. Heidi is fascinated by the big bag of balls in the corner, she told me today with alot of action that they were Daddy's balls and kick kick! It's the under 10 boys team so don't need to look out for us on match of the day!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

It has been a day of action.....

We got up early and did our supermarket shop, including the free tootie (cookie) for Heidi!
Then went to a mall and sorted out some birthday stuff, I finally managed to get around to it and have my hair lopped off! It's sitting in a pony tail in a cupboard waiting to be sent off! Dead ponytails look really creepy by the way.
And then home to do more deck sanding and gardening. I got the veg patch dug with a lot of help from my beloved....moving grass is hard. Plus the currents moved from front to back, the side beds dug (really easy as the grass is dead and rolled up conveniently, and the new one at the front. I made it smaller than I planned, but figure better to make it bigger later than to have brown earth and not enough flowers for it.

Ready for bed now......

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Praise God, the dressing is off and the hand does not look too bad. We are so aware that our heavenly Father has undertaken for us in the early healing of our little girl.

She is sleeping....and I must get to work!

Oh and Happy Birthday Simon!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

We have had a wonderful two days, sitting outside and enjoying the commencement of spring....finally. There is sure to be more snow before summer arrives, but for now the grass is beginning to grow, there is some green in the flower beds and my bulbs are pushing their way up. (the jack rabbits are eating them back down but no matter!)

Heidi is filthy, she has played hard outdoors for 2 days and can't have a bath at night! Argh, she is happy and quite content to go around mucky. We are hopeful that the dressings will be taken off tomorrow and we can start the scar management.....and put her in to tub.

I think it is at this time of year that I am wishing that I had done more in the house during the long winter, because now I have a taste of being outside I don't want to do the huge to do cleaning list! Perhaps it is just as well that we will be getting a snow day some time before the summer comes :)

Sunday, March 29, 2009

A hand update........
Well we had a dressing change on Friday, which was all as to be expected, not as healed as I was hoping for, but no cause for concern.

And then last night she began to tell us that she had a hurt. Which really is the best news we could have had. It seems like the healing process has started. I am hoping I can continue being glad in the night when she gets up!

She is thrilled that she has bitten the thumb section of her mitt free and is now able to see her thumb. She spent most of church thrusting her hand at people and then pulling the mitt away and giving the thumbs up! Cute if not repetitive.

Dressing change tomorrow and plastic surgery appointment on Tuesday (routine not because we definitely have to go there). More details to follow.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

We had a hard day on Tuesday night when Heidi feel against our hot fire and burnt her precious little left hand across the back.
So the end result is that she has very deep second degree burns on her left hand, I guess the good thing about that is that she is in no pain....for now.
So we have entered a world of dressing changes and sensory assessments. Time will tell the extent of her feeling loss etc, but we are trusting in the Lord.

Apart from that life is busy busy busy.....

Monday, March 23, 2009

Everything hurts!

I decided to do the neighbourly thing and shovel our friends paths (you have to shovel within 24 hours of snow or are liable for a $500 fine). They are on the corner so it is a hard job and with so much snow these last few days, hideous. But it saved me gym entry today, and Heidi got to play out with some other children which meant she napped much better :) I should learn to warm up!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

We went to the zoo on Saturday, and we spent not an insignificant time watching the ducks! Heidi doubled over clutching her belly laughing when she say a duck duck under the water to get some food!

We enjoyed the first day of Spring greatly, and celebrated a young friends birthday with a pizza party on our front porch and garden, short sleeves, kids playing outside till 8.30 not getting cold....and this morning 82 of snow and more forecast. Crazy of you ask me, and not all together pleasant.

Busy week planned....sewing, getting packaging done and getting photos for the website. Plus helping cook an Indian dinner for the kids club on Friday night and prepare and give talks on Wycliffe in the Pacific, to a bunch of kids on Friday day.....I should get some sleep!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Bunting fun

Well, I was brave today and took some bunting into a shop to ask if they would stock it and sell it! Argh I was very very very very nervous.

So, they thought it was very cute and had not seen something like it before and are going to take 2 of each range on a 2 month trial. I am very pleased.....just got the website to finish and get some stuff on ebay then its sew sew sew some more. I have a bit of packaging left to develop before they go into stores. Wow I am really talking about my stuff going into shops!

Monday, March 16, 2009

New words

The new word of the day was 'nice'! No prices for where she learnt that from. Oh well, better than the rest of the new ones today which included naked, and toilet, and diss (kiss).

And a funny thing is that she has started to call Tom 'DTom'!....I suppose no surprises there either for who that is learnt from.

Her baby doll was in good favour today too and apparently she wanted to eat the cheese not Heidi, and was a great help in setting the table, I had to pass the items to 'Betty' and Becky then passed them on to Heidi. Very complicated but gave Heidi something to explain to Tom when he got home!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

It has been a busy week full of lots of excitement like riding the bus, peeling oranges and having a breakfast picnic!

In fact I am not entirely sure what we achieved this week but we certainly made the most of the better weather and spent lots of time outside! I made the discovery on sat morning that it was warm enough outside to eat in our pyjama's so that is exactly what we did, I imagine that we looked ridicules but oh well. I guess the truth is I ate breakfast, Heidi picked at her homemade English muffin and ate the 'dam and buta' and Tom came out later much more appropriately dressed and tucked into muffins.

It was also a week when I went to the gym (popped Heidi into the babysitting service) and then we went swimming or splashing as she told everyone! It certainly gave her back her water feet and she was demoing to Tom the next day in the bath lying down and kicking away.

And I no longer have the job of peeling little oranges, in fact I have been thoroughly ousted as she refuses to eat one not peeled by her own fair's a but squished at the end but it doesn't seem to change her enjoyment.

After weeks of look 'Mama bus'! I decided that we would take a trip to a friends house on the bus. It was one of the those moment you wished you had the camera as the look of sheer joy on her face when she got to sit on a seat beside me was a picture. What a joy it is to have young children around who are constantly amazed and thrilled with simple things. Remind me of that in a few week when the terrible twos take over!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

We have been watching the most amazing storm, high winds blowing snow all over the place. We came in just half an hour before it started and I was glad not to be out in it. Our nearly thawed world has once again returned to white.
Tom and I went out this evening for our wedding anniversary, with Heidi and a week late since I spent our proper one in the bathroom, say no more!

The big news of this week is the birth of our niece, Tabitha Emily on Wed. She is the prettiest little baby and we have enjoyed getting photos, but it is at times like this that the world seems too big!

Our own baby is sleeping snuggled in bed between us just to fall asleep tonight, too many late nights and disrupted naps I think. She is getting so big so fast it's nice sometimes to let her be a baby.

Some of the funny/cute things she has done this week include:
Singing happy birthday during prayer time at home group this week
learning to say jampams for pj's (it is worth hearing)
getting permanent marker on her face!!!!
shouting 'bus mama' every time we see one....
making perfect rolled croissants with me this morning.
learning to say 'Tabitha Emily is my cousin'
starting to name people in evening prayers
giving baby doll Evie a drink of water. She was unfortunalty lying down(the doll that is, and was helped to a bottle of water) By the time she had come to get me saying oops Mama the whole time, Evie looked like she had been in a near drowing!

Heidi is now in a deep sleep, so must go pop her back in her cot :)

Thursday, March 5, 2009

was planning to write a nice long blog tonight, but got caught up with making Heidi a dress. Sorry. Very cool, not quite finished but off to bed.....just thought I'd write while waiting for my toast! :)

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I have just spent a happy half hour looking at blogs of friends around the world and thought that I should give a little up date on my own. The other thing that I should do (when I figure out how) is to add the links to my blog, so that too can read the things I read!

We are under a fresh blanket of snow, it is getting a little boring now, spring could come any time soon and I would be happy. The temp has plummeted too so that's no fun. I had the nose hair freezing thing again this morning when I was out clearing paths. If you have never experienced it then you should be grateful and make a mental note not to come to Canada in the winter :)

My Mum sent me a card when we first arrived here, with this good advice. Find out what the Lord would have you do, and then defend it at all costs. My largest attacker of this is the discipline to say no and to take the time to do the things that I believe are my roles right now. They are, wife and mother (the two obvious ones) and then.....working as a MK support worker for Wycliffe, communicating with our supporters and starting up a company from home making bunting and some other coordinating accessories.

So there you have it. In black and white. And I really want to follow Mums advice and defend them ie do them, letting nothing steal them away from me, so that I can serve the Lord where he would have me be at this time.

The company is fun....and I hope to have the website up and running soon. We trust that it will allow me to stay at home with Heidi rather than going out to work, but this may change and just be a fun hobby. That will be seen in time.

Will keep you posted.....that's another of the things to defend!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

We had a really magical day in the mountains on Tuesday, including skating on Lake Louise which was the coolest thing.....there was even an ice castle middle of the skating rink. We also walked across the lake, and just missed the horse drawn sleigh ride (maybe next year). There had been an ice sculpture competition a couple of weekends before and they made impressive viewing too.

We helped friends move today (sat) in true Calgary style in the snow and -15! Not much fun when your fingers freeze, but good to do.

Heidi had her first experience of sticking with glue while making her Daddy a valentine card yest. She was so fascinated with the glue that I failed to get the concept across of putting the glue side down to stick it on, she just wanted to look at it!

We were given a starter for Amish friendship bread on Monday. It's cool, you add stuff, and then keep some of the mixture back, to make more bread in 10 days time, and give starter packs to friends, and then they make bread. The best thing is that it's more like cake than bread! Need to have an infinite supply of friends though!

Enjoy the pics, there are some lake Louise and some just family every shots.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

We are back.... and instead of making apologies for the lack of writing (some may be glad of that) I am just going to start up from today again without recapping on the whole of the trip to England. Having said that, it was a fantastic time but I am sorry that I missed seeing one person that was planned.

Today has been a beautiful reminder that the spring always follows the winter, with 11 degrees temp and brilliant sunshine. We are due for minus temps tomorrow and snow again, so we treasured it all the more. Heidi was no longer a blonde but a dusty grey when she came in from playing in the front garden while we drank coffee on the front porch, terribly civilised I know!

I am also struck about how quickly things change, and need to be sure that each day is lived to honour God and his calling on my life. Making sure that the most important thing is kept the most important thing.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

I'm sorry!

Life got busy and this got neglected. It wasn't even the interesting kind of busy that is worth writing about.

I guess the big news is that Heidi and I are coming home, for 2 weeks. The time is mainly to visit family, but we are in Southampton for a week, 20-27th so let us know if you are free too and we will endeavour to at least call.