Morning time plans

Saturday, April 11, 2009

It has been a day of action.....

We got up early and did our supermarket shop, including the free tootie (cookie) for Heidi!
Then went to a mall and sorted out some birthday stuff, I finally managed to get around to it and have my hair lopped off! It's sitting in a pony tail in a cupboard waiting to be sent off! Dead ponytails look really creepy by the way.
And then home to do more deck sanding and gardening. I got the veg patch dug with a lot of help from my beloved....moving grass is hard. Plus the currents moved from front to back, the side beds dug (really easy as the grass is dead and rolled up conveniently, and the new one at the front. I made it smaller than I planned, but figure better to make it bigger later than to have brown earth and not enough flowers for it.

Ready for bed now......

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Lowri said...

Where are you sending your hair Est?