Morning time plans

Sunday, April 26, 2009

The grand old age of 30 has hit..... hard! Only kidding.

Life seems to be getting so busy that there never seems to be time to keep on top of things. I am certainly looking forward to getting a rest when Mum and Dad arrive on Sat. (yippeeee)

Church has started an ESL Bible study which I am getting to be a part of in a small way. We had a lot of fun getting to know the 9 people who are attending last week and look forward to meeting up each week.

This is cool, Tom is coaching football for the short Canadian season. We have entered a word of equipment pick ups, drill planning and figuring out which pitch we have been assigned. Not sure why all this we business but I am a nosy sort of person and will pop along just to have a gander! The kit bag comes complete with the coaches jersey the same as the boys one. Cool I think. Heidi is fascinated by the big bag of balls in the corner, she told me today with alot of action that they were Daddy's balls and kick kick! It's the under 10 boys team so don't need to look out for us on match of the day!

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