Morning time plans

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

We have had a wonderful two days, sitting outside and enjoying the commencement of spring....finally. There is sure to be more snow before summer arrives, but for now the grass is beginning to grow, there is some green in the flower beds and my bulbs are pushing their way up. (the jack rabbits are eating them back down but no matter!)

Heidi is filthy, she has played hard outdoors for 2 days and can't have a bath at night! Argh, she is happy and quite content to go around mucky. We are hopeful that the dressings will be taken off tomorrow and we can start the scar management.....and put her in to tub.

I think it is at this time of year that I am wishing that I had done more in the house during the long winter, because now I have a taste of being outside I don't want to do the huge to do cleaning list! Perhaps it is just as well that we will be getting a snow day some time before the summer comes :)

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