Morning time plans

Saturday, September 27, 2008

We're in, tired and in chaos, but here all the same. The baby is in bed, our bed is made up and looking the last boxes can wait.
I haven't forgotten about the photos.....but who knows which box the camera is in, and my pride has got the better of me and I want to be a bit more tidy before I take the pics!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

A reminder......

We are moving on Saturday, which means that we may be off line for a few days in the setting up of the new place. There will be pictures of the new place as soon as we are online. I have even remembered to charge my camera.
We are almost finished packing, Tom is busy collapsing the table and I am about to collapse into bed ready to finish up tm evening, or sat morning. (we are helping friends move tm).
Heidi is much much better, and is beginning to love her antibiotics. She even managed a melt down when told she couldn't have any more the other day!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Mmmmn, you never know how good you have it, until it's gone. Baby sick days have gone forever, thrown out (no pun intended) by a very spectacular little girl amount of sick, and all over a freshly mopped floor. The silver lining was that it wasn't my floor :)
So the little one is poorly, and a trip to the doctor revealed what I suspected for a while, an ear infection, with the added discovery of bronchitis. The joys of free prescriptions for kids or even the flat fee is one I miss, but I hope she enjoys every drop of the antibiotics. If the performance at tea is anything to go by, she will be practicing her newly learned skill of spitting!!! The smell of bubble gum is overwhelming, but it has a gritty texture so I can't say I can blame her. And for those of you wondering what the connection between the ears, chest and throwing up is, apparently it's a combination of yoghurt and mucus...there we go, enough said!

Tom has spent the day in the mountains with work colleagues, and as I write has not made it home (it's 11pm). I guess they must of had fun.....or perhaps got lost. I have heard that they are on their way so am able to joke rather than worry. I bet he'll be stiff tomorrow, and not be that keen to take his turn at sick baby duty.....all the more cuddles for me then!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Changing times

The leaves are turning here, and the mountains have come back to us as snow covered peaks rather than the imposing grey ones of the summer months. It is kind of beautiful and yet I am beginning to dread the snow coming to the Prarie land. We were loaned a winter coat for Heidi today and boy does it look thick! little one is growing up. She helped me prepare supper tonight, standing on a chair at the work top pulling pieces of lettuce apart! Oh I miss my baby, but the little lady is very cute......almost extra cute!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

A lazy family trip to the park. Hope you enjoy the photo's.

Heidi and Tom had a Daddy Daughter day yesterday while I helped with the house clearance! When I rang to say I was on my way home and asked if she had had dinner yet the reply came "well she has eaten, but wouldn't exactly say that she has had dinner". To be interpreted chips at 4 and milkshake at 5! But boy was she happy and tired.

Our other news is that Heidi has new shoes (thanks Gran) which are Squeakers.....they do exactly what they say on the label and are beginning to drive me mad, but the squeak can be removed. (Handy for church!)

And.....getting ready for moving I have bought new bedding.

You can see life really is exciting for us!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Heidi and I (with friends) went to Spruce Meadows on Thursday, as show jumping ground to watch the Canadian Masters show jumping. Gorgeous grounds and a beautifully hot day (sun burn for the adults, kids were creamed). We watched the Jeopardy jumping part of the battle of the breeds, which was a show jumping for all breeds of horses, competing over 5 competitions. It's fun to watch Shetlands competing against Arabians and Mules and Welsh Cobs etc. In the end height did prevail and the Shetlands didn't win, but oh well.
My biggest extravagance was going into the British shop on site and getting emotional for a bunch of over priced goods that I wouldn't buy at home for the right price. I did leave there with a scotch pie and an Irn Bru and $6 poorer. Sometimes you have to do these things and boy did they taste good!
The rest of the week has been clearing at our friends Grandpa's, we are aiming to be done next week to give us all time to sort our own houses, but I wouldn't hold my breath!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Fun and games...well kind of

We've had a number of firsts this weekend....
a wood fire on Sunday afternoon because it really was that cold.
a trip to the emergency room with Heidi. Don't panic, all is well.
She has turned blue at breakfast 2 mornings now, so we thought that we ought to be responsible and call the equivalent of NHS direct.....who sent us to emergency as it was 2 times.
They don't know why, but they have figured out it is none of the serious reasons, for which we are grateful. In all probability she just got cold! We have taken measures to combat this such as ordering more sunshine, and reverting to having the heating on in the mornings.
Heidi just thinks that we are playing a fun dressing up game when she is laden with outfits! Bit like a kiddie version of the chocolate game!