Morning time plans

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Heidi and I (with friends) went to Spruce Meadows on Thursday, as show jumping ground to watch the Canadian Masters show jumping. Gorgeous grounds and a beautifully hot day (sun burn for the adults, kids were creamed). We watched the Jeopardy jumping part of the battle of the breeds, which was a show jumping for all breeds of horses, competing over 5 competitions. It's fun to watch Shetlands competing against Arabians and Mules and Welsh Cobs etc. In the end height did prevail and the Shetlands didn't win, but oh well.
My biggest extravagance was going into the British shop on site and getting emotional for a bunch of over priced goods that I wouldn't buy at home for the right price. I did leave there with a scotch pie and an Irn Bru and $6 poorer. Sometimes you have to do these things and boy did they taste good!
The rest of the week has been clearing at our friends Grandpa's, we are aiming to be done next week to give us all time to sort our own houses, but I wouldn't hold my breath!

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