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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Fun and games...well kind of

We've had a number of firsts this weekend....
a wood fire on Sunday afternoon because it really was that cold.
a trip to the emergency room with Heidi. Don't panic, all is well.
She has turned blue at breakfast 2 mornings now, so we thought that we ought to be responsible and call the equivalent of NHS direct.....who sent us to emergency as it was 2 times.
They don't know why, but they have figured out it is none of the serious reasons, for which we are grateful. In all probability she just got cold! We have taken measures to combat this such as ordering more sunshine, and reverting to having the heating on in the mornings.
Heidi just thinks that we are playing a fun dressing up game when she is laden with outfits! Bit like a kiddie version of the chocolate game!

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