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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Mmmmn, you never know how good you have it, until it's gone. Baby sick days have gone forever, thrown out (no pun intended) by a very spectacular little girl amount of sick, and all over a freshly mopped floor. The silver lining was that it wasn't my floor :)
So the little one is poorly, and a trip to the doctor revealed what I suspected for a while, an ear infection, with the added discovery of bronchitis. The joys of free prescriptions for kids or even the flat fee is one I miss, but I hope she enjoys every drop of the antibiotics. If the performance at tea is anything to go by, she will be practicing her newly learned skill of spitting!!! The smell of bubble gum is overwhelming, but it has a gritty texture so I can't say I can blame her. And for those of you wondering what the connection between the ears, chest and throwing up is, apparently it's a combination of yoghurt and mucus...there we go, enough said!

Tom has spent the day in the mountains with work colleagues, and as I write has not made it home (it's 11pm). I guess they must of had fun.....or perhaps got lost. I have heard that they are on their way so am able to joke rather than worry. I bet he'll be stiff tomorrow, and not be that keen to take his turn at sick baby duty.....all the more cuddles for me then!

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