Morning time plans

Monday, November 30, 2009

The snow had mostly melted this morning, and we were due for a pleasant 7 degrees.

So I am more than thrilled with the minus temperatures and the falling white stuff, it certainly does look pretty but makes things just so much more complicated! I guess I'll have to get used to it again.

I am trying to be patient waiting for this little ones arrival, but I have to say, anytime soon would be great. Her little cradle was built today, and is looking tiny in one sense and huge in another. I put a tiny nappy in and some little clothes to try and imagine, but I can't get my head round it. Soon enough, and in the Lords perfect timing. There are things to look forward to and get done before then, so here's a list, lets see how I do before 'birth' day.

  • go out for dinner with friends to the revolving restaurant on the top of the Calgary tower...booked for tomorrow night so likely to make this one.
  • have a hair cut
  • make a princess dress for some small princess in my house for Christmas
  • Christmas cards for UK ( I think I have already missed the post date!) Sorry
  • Christmas shopping
  • Tom's birthday bash, small thing on Sunday, and then big 5 a side match on the 19th (after the due date but how likely is it that I'll be in labour during 2 and 4 on that date?)
  • keep my house clean and tidy enough for a home birth!
  • get my Christmas tree up (and last years gone)
  • go out for dinner with Tom for his birthday
  • upload photos from the wedding

That will do for now......

Friday, November 27, 2009

My monkey is space walking around the back yard in all her snow gear, the possible flurries have turned into an inch in a few minutes, who knows how deep it will get.
Still she is happy, outside by herself sampling (s)'now'.
Will be just typical to go into labour today when the roads will be gridlocked!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

The bouquets are done, and so am I.

Pics to follow at a more sensible hour. They have turned out very well though and I am really excited about the wedding tomorrow, and the rest that comes after.

Must sleep, morning coming quickly :)

And, I got a black eye today by opening a car door onto it. Cut between my eyelid and eyebrow. I am grateful for the half inch that means my eye is just fine. Best not give birth now though, would look really bad in the pics for me to have a black eye!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Our small girl got a chance to ride a horse for the first time on Sat. There was much joy felt and expressed by her. "I'm a cowboy!" is what she called out as soon as the horse started to walk and she was relaxed and confident and happy. She did ask when she would fall off, poor Emily assured her she wouldn't let her fall off, to which I had to explain, no she thinks she is Rodeo riding, and falling off is all part of the fun! There is time for that!

The wedding is in less than a week and there is much to do, but time to do it all in too.

And, the freezer is well stocked with ice, so that will help too :)

Thursday, November 5, 2009

We have a classic well loved and repeated story in my family, the punch line of which is 'minnie look-ed after John and me that day'. Little did I know that yesterday we would have the new version, straight from my babes mouth.

Heidi was playing in the suitcase on the bed (!) and said to me "Mummy, you's a princess" flattered I said, "oh" to which she replied "in your's picture you's a princess". Tom and I have a wedding photo on a shelf in our room. Cute I thought and left it there.

"I no comes that day" she pipes up from the suitcase. Now, I knew the funny story of old and in no way wanted to prompt anything, so I smiles and continued putting away laundry.

" I was ats Grandads house" and there is was, the best reason of the day to go and hug my little girl and thank the Lord for her and all she is, and that her brain is developing as it should. May I never forget to be gratful for the sweet times that we have together as she tries to figure out the world and how it is that the one day her Mum was a princess she missed it!