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Thursday, November 5, 2009

We have a classic well loved and repeated story in my family, the punch line of which is 'minnie look-ed after John and me that day'. Little did I know that yesterday we would have the new version, straight from my babes mouth.

Heidi was playing in the suitcase on the bed (!) and said to me "Mummy, you's a princess" flattered I said, "oh" to which she replied "in your's picture you's a princess". Tom and I have a wedding photo on a shelf in our room. Cute I thought and left it there.

"I no comes that day" she pipes up from the suitcase. Now, I knew the funny story of old and in no way wanted to prompt anything, so I smiles and continued putting away laundry.

" I was ats Grandads house" and there is was, the best reason of the day to go and hug my little girl and thank the Lord for her and all she is, and that her brain is developing as it should. May I never forget to be gratful for the sweet times that we have together as she tries to figure out the world and how it is that the one day her Mum was a princess she missed it!

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