Morning time plans

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Sneek peek of tomorrows fun

It's getting exciting.

Hope I have enough antibiotics in me for my mastitis to let me enjoy it!

5 years ago today........

A tiny girl was born.......

She turned one.....

Then two......

then three......

then four.

Happy Birthday 5 year old. We love you very much.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

When I heard the babies crying in the back yard, I didn't think too much of it, they were due their nap shortly.

Turned out Hopie knows how to put the sprinkler on!

NB I had popped into the kitchen to get my pegs for the laundry and the babies were safely strapped into their case anyone is wondering!! :)

Saturday, May 26, 2012

8 months old today

Wow, how did that happen.

 If I stop to think I worry about the day they move out with hairy faces and low voices to start their first job!
I know when it happens I will wonder where the time went.

Today I am grateful for 10 mins of play time on the floor with my boys with a big box of toys.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Random things that happened this week before I forget to remember them

 Phinn grew his third tooth.  Top left is now here, and top right is well on its way, he is an amazing teether, but he does like to bite.(!)  He's also sitting up by himself, only for a short time but still he's on the road to freedom.

We are beginning preparation for Heidi's birthday.  The second cake is out the oven and the pinata is being stuck together as I write. There are lists galore, and a box being  started with props.

 Hosea is so close to crawling he'll be going in no time.

We are planning a camping trip and looking forward to it.  Tom is doing an amazing job finding all the information and the menu is almost planned.

The girls bunk beds are up, and being enjoyed by all but the boys.  It's so comfy Tom and I are competing at night to cuddle in with Hope when she cries.

One night this week every member of the Hindle house slept all night.  Yes, all night.  It has not happened since. 
We are still looking for a new home, watch this space. 

Hope has started potty training, and is doing well. She's been doing bits and bobs for a long time, but we are pushing through to get it sorted with underwear too :)

Heidi's new shoes came from Clarkes via my Mum and Gran.  Size 10 and 12.  We are grateful that there is a shop that can fit from scanned pictures of feet.  She is loving them.  Thank you.

Sweetcorn is now in season.  30c for a cob.  It tastes so good even Tom is eating it.  The girls are LOVING it.  Ok so maybe he was just really hungry.

Bed time.  Perhaps they'll sleep all night tonight too.  

Play doh fun

 Happy days making beautiful things from the beautiful play doh that little Jones made for beautiful little girls.

A first time for everything

 This morning was the beginning of a beautiful friendship. 
 Between a boy (well two boy actually as Hope reminds the Lord every night!)
 And a breakfast cereal.
 Tom tells me that he used to eat 8 at a time
 And one time he ate 12, but it was suggested that that really was too many.
Three between them for a first go is a good place to start.

And I do hope that they don't polish off 24 in one morning in the years to come :)

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

For no particular reason

They are too cute.  I am often humbled that we would be blessed with these two, and awed as to how we are going to raise them for the Lord.
For today that just means feeding, changing and loving them.
Oh, do I ever do those three things!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

A snowy Saturday

 We tried out several ideas from the book, "lots of things
to draw"

 Pretty princesses

Fun and time well spent together.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Don't Hope and Phinn look similar?
It's likely the angle as in real life we've never seen it before.


Make me more toast Mummy, and make it now!!!
Aren't they handsome?

Friday, May 4, 2012

Coffee kisses

We made these yesterday for a number of reasons, the main one being that I wanted too.I now have scales and so can work my way through the Biro cookbook that Mum brought out a while ago, and we has decaf instant in the house.
Making these brought back so many memories of being little and once they were mixed up I put my nose in the bowl and took a deep breath.  Somehow I was in the yellow kitchen in Mendi,  I was making coffee kisses and Fiona was making custard creams.  A little girl safe because her Mummy was in the house, and a Daddy coming to eat the biscuits because he liked coffee, and a brother coming to eat the custard creams. 
They tasted so good, and my girls thought they were great because they were coffee flavoured.
Go make something today that you made with your Mum when you were little.  It's so worth the walk down memory lane.

PS If any of my happy memory is inaccurate, Dad if you hate coffee kisses, Brian if you hate custard creams, Fi if you made them and not me.   Please don't tell me, I like the memory the way it is.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Little girls laughing

I wish we had kept filming them trying to walk after......

Making butter

Watch out all cooking show hosts, a bit more practice and she'll be going for you job :)

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

busy busy busy

 Times are changing for the Hindles, and in the summer we will be moving house.  Right now we have no idea where, we are looking and praying and looking and praying......

My husband is getting all handy in his old age, he did an oil change for our car.  We thought Bumpa would like to know and see the evidence.

But times are also changing in that our little guys are getting too big to share a cot anymore :( and as much as I hate to separate them, I would love to not get up simply because someone has bumped heads with someone else at 3 am!
So the girls are moving into bunk beds.  I think in the history of bunk bed provision to children there has never been so much excitement.
The Lord graciously provided bunk beds 30mins after a friend put a request on a forum for bunk beds for sale.  Someone had some in their garage that they had been given and never used and they were happy to give them away. 
Hurrah, we have to wait to get some connecting hardware form IKEA sent to us, but it has given us the time to sand and start to paint them.

 Tom graciously got out the tools and helped me sand them down, despite the fact that they really are ok brown.  But his wife is on a white furniture everywhere time of life......I primed them last night (well nearly all there is a flip side on one or 2 pieces left for nap time today).  So over the course of the week I am planning to paint them white and get them made up in the girls room, and then give one of the boys Hopies cot. 
 Tom made me butter one night for my bagels.  How romantic is that.

And he did all the heavy work in the IKEA store room, new mattresses, and the high chairs and two beautiful girls :)
Spin Daddy....
 Again Daddy.....
It's raining again today so there is a kitchen game getting played in the bath.  Figured hot and wet was better than cold and wet.