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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

busy busy busy

 Times are changing for the Hindles, and in the summer we will be moving house.  Right now we have no idea where, we are looking and praying and looking and praying......

My husband is getting all handy in his old age, he did an oil change for our car.  We thought Bumpa would like to know and see the evidence.

But times are also changing in that our little guys are getting too big to share a cot anymore :( and as much as I hate to separate them, I would love to not get up simply because someone has bumped heads with someone else at 3 am!
So the girls are moving into bunk beds.  I think in the history of bunk bed provision to children there has never been so much excitement.
The Lord graciously provided bunk beds 30mins after a friend put a request on a forum for bunk beds for sale.  Someone had some in their garage that they had been given and never used and they were happy to give them away. 
Hurrah, we have to wait to get some connecting hardware form IKEA sent to us, but it has given us the time to sand and start to paint them.

 Tom graciously got out the tools and helped me sand them down, despite the fact that they really are ok brown.  But his wife is on a white furniture everywhere time of life......I primed them last night (well nearly all there is a flip side on one or 2 pieces left for nap time today).  So over the course of the week I am planning to paint them white and get them made up in the girls room, and then give one of the boys Hopies cot. 
 Tom made me butter one night for my bagels.  How romantic is that.

And he did all the heavy work in the IKEA store room, new mattresses, and the high chairs and two beautiful girls :)
Spin Daddy....
 Again Daddy.....
It's raining again today so there is a kitchen game getting played in the bath.  Figured hot and wet was better than cold and wet.

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